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How to Address Depression Symptoms During COVID-19?

  • 30th Aug'21

The covid-19 pandemic has unceremoniously forced us into a situation we were unprepared for entirely. It is like our childhood nightmares have finally become a reality. Many of us have to deal with the loss of a job, business, and worst of them all, the loss of a loved one. What made the situation worse is that we were boxed due to the COVID-19 lockdown for the most part. Humans were never conditioned to live in such a manner. It has even made harder to deal with impostor syndrome today.

It is evident that with everything going around in the current pandemic, needless to say, that depression has peaked as well. The WHO (World Health Organization) survey shows that 93% of countries affected their mental health services due to the pandemic. Depression has caused the world nearly US$1 trillion in economic productivity. it's happening despite many people working remotely. Hence, it became vital to address depression symptoms during COVID-19 and discover ways to deal with them. Here is how you can deal with them.


Acknowledge Them

What many people with depression symptoms do is ignore them. Trust me that doing so will only deepen the root cause of your depression. Depression mustn’t be hidden and, more importantly, be discussed if you deal with it. Acknowledgment is where you start to heal from depression.


Engage with Others

Depression tends to isolate us and continue to feed upon our mental and physical health. So, if you have any depression symptoms, then it is better that you do your best to stay in constant connection with people, especially family and friends.


Ask for Help

Always remember that to ask for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Therefore, you must never shy away from asking others to help you cope with your depression. See a therapist if things start to get out of control.


Adopt Healthy Habit

People who suffer from depression can get accustomed to unhealthy habits such as no showers for days, lack of sleep, eating disorders, etc. Avoid doing any of them. Instead, take small steps towards adopting healthy daily habits and live by them.


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