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How to Ace a Virtual Interview

  • 21st Oct'22

There's no denying that for many job hunters, the interview is the step that gives them the most anxiety. But what if you could accomplish it while relaxing at your home? Virtual interviews are the way of the future, according to many employers. Whether you live far away or need to conduct an interview remotely for another reason, video conferencing is a simple solution that many businesses use when meeting candidates "face to face." 


While some tried-and-true techniques for establishing a good impression, like a firm handshake, are not possible in video interviews, there are still numerous ways to impress your potential boss from behind a screen to prepare for and improve your abilities for video interviews.


So no need to stress about your virtual interview. Here are the top tips for a successful virtual interview.


Luck favors those who prepare


Avoid scrolling around during the interview; just because you're on a computer doesn't mean you can go online and look up answers. If someone asks you a question, you want to appear focused and prepared to respond without the aid of the internet. Prior to the meeting, do some research on the company and make some notes for later use. To ensure that you don't forget important talking points, print up a copy of your résumé as well.


It's also a good idea to have responses to typical interview questions on hand, like 


  • Why are you interested in this role?


  • What is your knowledge of our business?


  • What are your greatest flaws?


  • What do you view as your greatest professional accomplishment?


  • Tell me about a professional obstacle you faced and how you overcame it.


  • What qualities do you seek in a job?


  • Why are you leaving your job now?


Have good posture


As you conduct your virtual interview, be sure to build a rapport with the interviewer. Your confident body language and expressive facial expressions are one method to accomplish this. Try to get your head and shoulders in the frame of the camera. Additionally, attempt to maintain a straight posture while leaning forward while you speak to convey that you are engaged in the conversation. Keep a grin on your face at all times, and try to avoid looking away during the entire interview.


Make sure to have good connectivity 


It is crucial that you thoroughly inspect your technology before beginning a virtual interview. Check your microphone, Internet connection, and sound quality. Make sure you're seated somewhere with sufficient lighting so the employer can see you.


Prepare a thank you note


You must respect the interviewer's time and effort in reviewing your application, whether you are chosen or not.


Try to keep in mind the names of everyone you spoke with, and don't forget to send a thank-you or appreciation message the next day. This is how to stand out in a virtual interview.


It does two things:

1. The hiring manager will remember your conversation.

2. It is a successful method to wrap up any interview.


The HR team may suggest your CV for a future project or role even if you are not a good fit for the one you are in now.


Be punctual 


One of the simplest ways to get things going well is to arrive on time. Although you don't need to start the video chat at the scheduled time 15 minutes early as you would for an in-person interview, you should still do so. Make sure you have the appropriate software loaded (if necessary) and that everything is running well. You might also want to think about making a test call to a reliable buddy to iron out any connection issues.


Be attentive 


Active listening is one technique to demonstrate to your interviewer that you are driven and interested. Think about nodding your head to show that you understand what they are saying and, if necessary, asking clarification questions. Take handwritten notes as well! Keep a notebook close by so you can scribble down any questions or important points from the interview without having to type aloud and interrupt the flow of the session. This is possibly the top tip for a successful virtual interview.


Take care of your background 


It's crucial to locate a space with ideal lighting, ideally close to a window or an empty wall, where YOU are the only thing in the room.


  • It's a good idea to keep your surroundings tidy.

  • Clear the clutter from your desk and the area around it to prevent any distractions. 

  • Try to avoid keeping any obvious clutter that could distract you or the interviewer.

  • It's crucial to turn off any distractions before the interview, such as the radio, TV, and mobile phone.

  • Close the door and let your family or roommates (if you are staying in a shared space) know when your meeting is set.

  • If you're doing a virtual conference for the first time, you can record your video to ensure that the viewer can properly hear and see you.


  1. Ask questions

In an interview, you always have the chance to inquire about the workplace and the culture, but when you conduct a remote interview, you'll have even more questions (what the office and facilities are like, how big and diverse the team is, how the company culture feels, etc.). Ask about whatever you wish to know. You won't appear silly, so don't worry. The hiring manager will value your interest.


However, don't limit your inquiries to the workplace and your benefits. Instead, inquire about the type of technology you'll have access to when working remotely, whether you'd be joining a hybrid team, or how the company defines success. 85 percent of hired candidates used these kinds of inquiries to show off their values and priorities while divulging key aspects of their personalities. You could inquire, for instance, "Do you have a flexible work policy?" "I've been volunteering as an English instructor for underprivileged groups twice a week, and it would be nice to be able to continue doing that," you should say after your inquiry.


2. Get familiarized with the platform you'll be using. 


Become comfortable with the platform that will be used for your interview (WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.). Download the interface if you've never used it before, then practice using the features by simulating calls with a friend or family member. In 41% of the interviews, technological failures occur. You don't want to be looking upside down since the interviewers couldn't figure out how the camera worked; also, if you can help them with it, it can turn into an opportunity to impress. In 22% of interviews that go well, candidates provided interviewers with shortcuts for video calls. Consider this a lucky hack.


3. Don't be shy and follow up on your dream job!


Send each person you spoke with a personal thank you email no later than 24 hours after the interview. Not only will it demonstrate that you appreciate their time, but it also gives you the chance to upsell yourself, highlight the particular skills you bring to the position, and include any talking points you may have overlooked.


Mention any particular topic you connected on in the email to ensure that people remember you. Alternatively, if the interviewer brings up a specific business difficulty, utilize the follow-up to provide possible solutions. Just keep it brief; you want the email to make an impression rather than go straight to the trash.


So these were the top tips for a successful virtual interview. Make sure you use these to your advantage. All the best for your next interview, and I am pretty sure you'll ace it.


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