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How The Post Pandemic Renaissance Is Changing Our Mindset

  • 7th Feb'22

The pandemic lockdown turned our working lives upside down and changed the perspective of individuals. Whereas at the beginning of the pandemic, people were unable to handle virtual meetings, and manage work-life integration.

But now, workers got used to the new normal and finding work-life-family integration. As the post-pandemic world witnesses, great resignation is occurring across the globe. We could see there is a drastic change in the minds of employers. 

The new normal reawakened people's passion to discover new possibilities. Nowadays, people are ready to adopt a career change, learn skills and focus on new pursuits. 

However, in the early days, people were working without any choices. But the pandemic has allowed them to realize the choices and helped them to deal with imposter syndrome.


The Pandemic Erased Worker Expiration

From an entrepreneur's view, it’s evident that people in their thirties, forties, fifties, and older have expiration thoughts. Most people believe their dreams and ambitions are going to end at a certain age. Also, people consider these expiration dates as an obstacle to starting something new. 

The truth is different, as it’s never too late to discover something new. When an opportunity knocks on your doorstep, acquire it. Don’t settle for something less, leave the fear and be confident to try new things. The most common reason for failure is the fear that stops us.

Most people spend almost 50 years of their lives working. So, why should you spend those years in an unfulfilling career? It’s never too late to change the career you always wanted.


A Beginner's Thought For Fresh Perspective

Reinventing your career is not an easy task. But if you’re doing a job that no longer favors your goal it’s time to switch careers and do something that gives you a newfound purpose. 

People who shift their careers often may seem to be not serious about their careers. But they’ll have experience in different jobs or entrepreneurial pursuits.

However, as David Robson, the author of The Intelligence Trap, says, "It seems that the jack of all trades - the perpetual beginner - may have a sharper brain than the master of one single ability." Taking the post-pandemic renaissance in mind, experts suggest people learn something new. 


Embrace Imposter Syndrome 

A professor at INCAE Business School in Costa Rica firmly tells us that, “we must embrace a significant change in our lives every ten years”. Meanwhile, these changes must trigger your imposter syndrome. This thought can help you to embrace failure, which is a stepping stone for success. 

Most people find it very difficult to overcome failure. But if we dare to face failures, then it can move us forward. For every failure in life, you are one step closer. If failures and rejection are haunting your mind then it’s really hard to push from your comfort zone.

David Feinberg is an entrepreneur and the creator of the PURE Juicer. In 2011, he chose to rebuild the two-stage juicer, a product that’s a huge hit. The motive of this improvement is to deliver a better juicer. This juicer improved the health and well-being of people who struggle with dietary changes.

Feinberg didn’t have all these answers at the beginning stage. But he had a passion to discover something better to support health and wellness. During the initial stages, he faced so many challenges. But later on, it’s the best decision that proved his potential. Here are the three important tips he has for entrepreneurs:

  • Identify your weakness and hire the potential team to strengthen those knowledge gaps

  • Commit to perseverance as it’s a long process and understand failure is common

  • Stay relevant, keep testing your market, and meet the customer’s need


The Rise Of Entrepreneurship 

The pandemic showcases the increase of entrepreneurial activity, breaking the US numbers over decades. According to the Census Bureau, “4.3 million Americans showed interest to start businesses last year, a 24% increase from the year before.” This is the biggest number that has been recorded in over a decade. 

The award-winning business coach and digital strategist, Dr. Tracy Timberlake, says “Entrepreneurship explodes in times of crisis and economic downturn.” For instance, he tells the history of General Motors, IBM, Disney, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard. All these were startups at the beginning that exploded during an economic recession. 


You Are What You Risk

The pandemic taught people that everything is uncertain. Life is unpredictable, and it changes more than we can expect. Nothing is secured, so it’s always good to try new possibilities. Consider doing whatever looks as a remedy for impostor syndrome the most. Begin again and let yourself be an amateur. 

The pandemic also changed our work life, as discussed earlier. No one can disagree with this fact, as everything is uncertain. Take chances and test out personal and professional reinvention. 


Are You Ready For A Change? 

Changes are permanent, it doesn't have to happen overnight. Don’t rush things, take time and learn new skills to reinvent your career. You can take inspiration from the successful people in your field.

Embrace your failure and get the courage to try new things. Life is very short to accept anything less. Take chances and discover new opportunities. 


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