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How Mentoring Empowers Women in their Careers

  • 25th Jun'21

You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation. – Brigham Young


History is proof of the patriarchal upbringing of the society and how women have been downvalued for ages. We are fortunate to be in the times where people talk about women's empowerment. For years together, women have worked hard and come forward to prove that they are equal to men in every sphere. Today firms have more gender-diverse roles, and women like men are at the forefront of cover magazines for talent more than their faces and appearances. 

But, is it enough? 

Reports suggest that about half of the millennials quit their well-paying jobs for some personal commitments. We only have exceptional examples of women as leaders. It is just the lineage of how we perceive women. There is not just a need for policy-bound empowerment, but also mentoring women is crucial. Mentoring empowers women with a much stronger purpose and gives them the confidence that they lack within themselves. What's more? The value of mentorship is such that, if you mentor a woman, she goes on to mentor 100s of other women. 


How Effective is Mentoring?


Let's look at some of the practical results of mentoring women.


Behind the Job:  

When a mentor is allotted to a woman to help her career, he can understand how committed she is towards her job. It results in a change of perception of how much work a woman puts in her career to move ahead.


Addresses Ambitions

A woman can open up with their mentor and discuss her ambitions freely. It reminds her of her mission and lets the mentor motivate her to reach her goals easily.


No Blame Game

Women mostly don't hold themselves accountable for the goals they set in their careers. It may be because they are expected to have a personal and professional life balance. But with a dedicated mentor, she will always be motivated to take on leadership roles by developing herself.



Mentorship improves communication skills and opens the door to professional networks. A woman can take the initiative to build her network and make herself and her work more visible.

Effective Mentoring programs pushes women to believe in themselves and set ambitions that they have but rarely go after. It creates a culture of learning and development within a firm, pushing women to take on leadership roles.

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