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How Mentoring Can Improve Communication Skills

  • 25th Jun'21

As we all know, communication is the basis of effectively working in an organization. It ensures that goals are met more efficiently but also helps to foster a good working relationship between you and your employees. As a result, it not only improves their morale but simultaneously enhances your credibility amongst your team members.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with excellent communication skills. Lack of it hinders the possibility of a smooth conversation and explanation of your expectation from your staff or team members. It may even lead to leadership blocks. However, mentoring can help you avoid it altogether as mentorship is a worthwhile investment.


Mentoring Through Enhanced Learning

Mentoring can improve communication skills through enhanced learning capabilities. As Dr Lois J. Zachary says“Learning is the purpose, process, and product of mentoring.” With significant learning, mentors can improve your communication skills to have more meaningful communication with your staff. To accomplish this, mentoring will encourage you to be more focused on the goals. Similarly, you need to practice providing timely constructive feedback to your staff members and suggest how they can do better. Also, it will help you understand that even learning is a part of progress.


Mentoring to Build Trust

When a mentor focuses on teaching you to build trust, you will see many improvements in your communication skills through a great mentorship experience. First, it will allow you to have better dialogues and a high level of communication. Second, you will notice more mutual conversations taking place in your organization. As a result, people will put more effort into connecting with you. 

For instance, one of the best ways to build trust is to avoid discussing work all the time. Instead, take some time to know more about your team members. Ask them about your daily life. Have coffee with them. When you put efforts outside work-related things, people will feel more valued. Thus, they will start to trust you and simultaneously will grow more committed to their work.


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