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How Is Your Relationship With Your Boss? 

  • 23rd Jun'21

Are you struggling to maintain a chord with your boss at work?

How important is it for you to have a good relationship with your boss? 

Well, extremely important. You just cannot keep your head down, stay off your boss’s way and get things done for you. You have to know the simple ways to manage your boss. To get your hard work appreciated and noticed, you have to balance a healthy relationship with your manager. Your future in the office depends on how your relationship with your boss/manager is. 


Having a Good relationship with your Boss

Healthier a relationship with your boss, the happier you are at work. It is for you to decide whether you want just a good boss or a great one. Get out of your cocoon and walk the extra mile to have a courteous and good relationship with your boss. You can do it in the following ways: 


  • Be reasonable in your basic routine

Taking care of every minute but small things like punctuality and deadlines play a key role in improving your relationship with your boss. These generate trust and respect for you in his/her mind. 


  • Good communication

To establish good communication, you need to know the communication style of your Boss. Though each individual reacts differently to a situation, you are prepared for your boss's reaction if you know his/her communication style. This reduces stress. 


  • Make your boss look good. 

Have you heard this saying, ‘A Boss is a Boss, and he/she is always right.’? 

This is not just a saying but a practice. Do not fall into this trap of not accepting any task you think you are not capable of doing. However, if you have issues, always take out proper time and discuss in person with him/her. But, for this, choose the time wisely. 


  • No excuses 

Managers and Bosses hate listening to your excuses. A job assigned is a job done for them. Meet deadlines. Bosses do not have time to continuously prod you for it. They already have enough to deal with. 


  • Exceed limitations

Some extra work does not harm you. You can always lend a helping hand to your boss if you know he/she is overburdened. Keep your boss updated with what you're doing. 


  • Ask

Shout out loud when in doubt. However, your questions should be related to your work and should be genuine. Unnecessary questions irritate them. They find it a waste of time. Asking feedback, permission to improve something, etc., are the kind of queries your boss expects from you. 


  • Always show gratitude

Whenever in a meeting with a client or the management, always credit your boss for support. This makes them feel good. These are some keys to an excellent relationship with your boss. 


To get more information on this, refer to the link below:  

You see, just keeping your head down (like I did), staying out of the way and getting your job done is not a relationship. Read More


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