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How Impostor Syndrome Affects Your Work?

  • 12th Jun'21

The term coined to describe the feeling of dissatisfaction with your work, your achievements, and your efforts is called Impostor Syndrome. Do you question your work methods even when you meet your goals? How impostor syndrome affects?

According to the Journal of Behavioral Science, around 70% of people in the US have experienced Impostor Syndrome. It is one of the secret fears of high achievers as they start getting ahead at work, a new job, a big project, or a raise. They question if they deserved the so-called success.


Imposter Syndrome


Ways Impostor Syndrome Affects Work


High Expectation: 

When you keep unrealistic expectations off yourself and aim for perfection, you procrastinate, and work tends to pile up. Either you struggle to get the job done or are discontent with good work done. This affects your mental peace, and stress builds up.



A factor so common yet ignored. Imposter syndrome gets in you, and you toil harder to get to your desired result. But in the end, all you get is an unhealthy lifestyle, strained work, and personal relationships.


Negativity and Being Reserved: 

You tend to get more hostile, and you push people away. Many successful people with Impostor Syndrome feel the pressure to get the work done so poorly that they don't share what bothers them, stop making time for their families, and stay within themselves until they complete the job.


Low confidence: 

You put up great work, yet you feel inadequate. Many females in teams feel that they have contributed nothing to the success of their projects. These feelings are a result of low confidence in Impostor syndrome.

In the words of Sir Albert Einstein long after he won the Nobel Prize, "The exaggerated esteem in which my lifework is held makes me very ill at ease. I feel compelled to think of myself as an involuntary swindler." So, no one is all that perfect. How you address the conflicting thoughts is essential. Can you work around it? Yes, it is going to be a struggle, but the end will all be worth it.

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