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How Impostor Syndrome Affects Your Health And How To Overcome Them?

  • 14th Jun'21

Imagine if your mind is constantly against everything you accomplish, then it is bound to affect every aspect of your life, including your health. Impostor Syndrome makes a person feel that all their achievements are all a scam and they’ll be exposed any moment.


How Does Impostor Syndrome Affect Your Health And How To Overcome Them?

Now, how it affects your health is that it usually manifests as such behaviors or values that can sabotage your efforts to achieve your fitness goals. One way to cure this Impostor Syndrome is : How yoga can help you cure it? 

Take a look at some of these attitudes and see how you can overcome Impostor Syndrome and start achieving your health goals. If proper precautions are not taken on time, Impostor Syndrome will kill your business


Ways to overcome Impostor syndrome and achieve Health Goals 


  • You Don’t Belong Here

Do you always feel out of place whenever you walk into a gym or a yoga studio? You might also feel stupid for even attempting to look like those ripped girls and boys.

As a beginner, it will make you feel like escaping faster than light and crawling back to your unhealthy comfortable self.

To combat this feeling, remind yourself that everyone in that room was once a total amateur. Just give in to the process. If you can make it to the gym, you can make it through your goals too.


  • You’re a Failure

This is the most common feeling for a person suffering from Impostor Syndrome, especially if health is the only department these overachievers have failed in so far.

To counter this belief-Remember Every. Single. Person. Fails

Another way could be to teach yourself; it is not a failure-it is a setback that you need to overcome as you do in every other aspect of your life.


  • You Don’t Deserve Success

This attitude pulls you back to zero every time you reach a fitness goal. With every milestone achieved, you will feel this urge to quit because you don’t deserve to be happy and successful. Make yourself believe otherwise.


  • You Compare Your Success

When you achieve a fitness goal, the first thing you do is check others' progress. It will demotivate you. Everyone’s body reacts differently and there’s no competition. Focus on your fitness goals only.


If you are suffering from Impostor Syndrome, you will realize that Yes, Impostor Syndrome is real and there are ways yo deal with it. 


Visit the following article to learn more about how to overcome Impostor Syndrome and achieve your health goals:



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