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How Employers Can Create A Win Win situation With Work-Life Integration?

  • 27th Oct'22

You know, what is the reason behind the fact that we keep talking about work-life integration nowadays? I will be straightforward here, my motive is to encourage the other employers to implement work-life integration module. Yesterday only I was asked in a meeting - How Employers Can Make Work-Life Integration a Win-Win? It is no rocket science - simply do it! Yes, just start with a single goal in mind, or if you don’t know where to start then let’s read this blog and find out.

Focus on the wellness and health programs

I have been working with different organizations for few years now. I have seen there  are still very few organizations that has any health and wellness program.  About 50% provide time for volunteering and other types of community service, as well as aid with financial planning. Only 25% of companies provide time management training, which can assist workers in juggling their goals and commitments at work and at home.

It is 2022, and yet we have a lot of improvements to do for implementing wellness programs.
How employers can make work-life integration a win-win, that is what you are thinking?
Honestly you only need to bring this into a practice - these are essential for the healthy environment of your workplace.  Once you figure out the whole paradigm of your employee’s work and their needs you can easily setup a module for achieving work-life integration.

Offer a flexible work environment

The number of hours worked does not always equate to increased output. I will be straightforward here, if your employee is putting 50 hours a week and yet there is no impact, it may be not the employee’s fault. There are several resources that your employee is in need of, but due to lack of proper communication, she just keeps working without any goal.
Here comes your role.It is your responsibility as an employer to make sure that employees have the tools they need to do their task during the times when they are most productive. As part of this, make sure they have the right equipment and software for remote work or flexible hours. The money spent on these things will be well spent in the long run.

Again the question arises - How can work life integration can be achieved in workplace? I understand you are taking decisions everyday regarding this. You are supposed to create an impact through your decisions, so you need to ensure that all of your employees are treated fairly which is essential to foster a flexible work environment. To do this, you can also offer the 4-day workweek to your employees and observe the outcomes.


Enable strong performance

Enhancing employee performance can not only assist your company in realising its goals, but it can also boost morale among staff members and lower attrition over time. It's a good idea to regularly review performance indicators to assist you better understand how your employees are doing. Regularly completing analysis assignments will help you gain a better understanding of why your staff aren't meeting expectations or working to their full capacity. You can conduct performance evaluations.


Take some time out  to appreciate your employees

Employee recognition is the genuine appreciation of their employees' contributions. Organizations use it to show employees how much they are appreciated, to inspire them, and to reinforce desired behavior. You will foster a good bond and realize your employees' full potential if you routinely give them genuine, well-deserved praise.

According to SurveyMonkey, 63% of employees stay in the organization who are often praised and recognized for the impact they create through their work. You can enhance this by integrating a peer-to-peer recognition culture throughout your organization. Encourage your team.


Foster an Inclusive work Culture

Today, many employees are looking for a workplace where they can exhibit their authentic side through their work. Do you remember those times when your employee wanted to share their perspective but was not given the freedom to do so? Yes, this is what restricts an employee in a workplace. How can work life integration can be achieved in workplace, I am sure you must be thinking on this often. Implementing an inclusive culture is one such major step towards work-life integration. When your employees have the flexibility to work, look after themselves, and have some time off, they will perform better every day. 


What will make a win-win situation?

In recent years I have come across this question often and today I know what would be an ideal win-win situation for the employers. We all have a system of working, communicating, even relaxing! Similarly achieving work-life integration is a series of steps, it is a systematic approach which needs to be experimented in the workplace as per your policies and employee’s requirements. Once you cater to those things you will definitely see success and a team who aligns with your vision.


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