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How Do Successful People Navigate through Criticism

  • 28th Aug'23

Do you possess the qualities necessary for achieving success? Do you understand what are the salient leadership challenges to conquer every time and what it means to keep going and stay patient? Here's the important question: Can you stay consistent and navigate through the lows and criticism that come with achieving something significant?

Sadly, most people can't .

Surprisingly, a big number from a study in 2016 about small businesses shows that more than half of these businesses have trouble in their first four years. And for those who started in 2011, the numbers are even more clear – only a very small 4% and 3% can keep going into their second and fifth years.


1. A Successful Person Relies on Continuity of Winning Strategies

Anyone can succeed once. Most people then move on to a reasonable level of success. However, the key difference between those who attain massive success and those who lose their path is that the former always remember what led them to their first achievement.

They keep working on that core skill, the one that got them started and played a vital role in their progress. Remember where you began. Your initial victory happened for a reason.


2. A winner never claims to have the solution, they have the solution.

There's no single solution that lasts forever. The moment you claim to have everything figured out is when you stop pushing for more and start defending what you already have. You might have planned your next move, but growth is ongoing. There is always more to learn. Stop searching for the final destination.

Winners don't see the finish line; they are prepared to break through the next challenge they encounter.


3. A successful person is highly attentive to each moment every day.

If you aspire to achieve prosperity, you should be prepared to organize your daily routine and lifestyle purposefully, from start to finish. Just as you approach your work with intention, the way you relax should be thought out. The individuals you decide to spend time with should hold as much significance as your own ambitions and objectives.

Every action you take in life should have a purpose. As this reflects someone who is dedicated to shaping their own life.


4. A successful person acknowledges their mistakes to swiftly gain insights from them.

If you can't admit to your own errors, you are not on the path to success. Taking responsibility is crucial, but equally important is the ability to self-reflect and earnestly ponder how you can further improve. Merely saying, "Look, I accepted the blame," falls short. There's no need to prove it to others. This is about harnessing those chances for personal growth.

A winner embraces these opportunities.


5. A true winner prioritizes refining their craft over flaunting their talents.

An individual's approach to their work serves as a clear indicator of whether they embody a winning mindset or merely seek recognition.

In contrast to those who yearn for acknowledgment without investing ample time to master their skills, a winner remains intensely focused on excelling in their field, regardless of the scale of recognition. These two paths move in opposite directions.


6. A true champion views defeat as an opportunity to rise again.

When a mere aspirant falls, they remain down. They wallow in self-pity, contemplating every misstep as if everything had gone awry. They dissect the lesson while nostalgically gazing at their past achievements, finding solace even as they lie face-down on the pavement.

Winners, on the other hand, take a different course.

They perceive their setback as a fresh chance to scale the summit once more, to establish that their excellence isn't a fleeting instance. They continually challenge themselves to achieve remarkable feats.


7. A successful person surrounds themselves only with other successful individuals.

Most people don't truly understand what this means. Being in the company of fellow winners isn't about outward success or past achievements. It's about possessing the qualities of dedication, determination, ambition, passion, and foresight that define a winner. Even the most accomplished individuals seek out those who exhibit these distinctive traits.

It's not just about showcasing your past achievements, but about revealing your intrinsic value.

It's about your character and the initial signs of where your life is headed.


8. A true champion understands that accomplishments don't materialize instantly.

Although it might appear so from an external perspective, success is a result of persistent effort over many months or even years. It emerges from dedicated hard work and a relentless drive for improvement.

Winners possess steadfast patience for this reason. It's not an innate trait; they have come to the sobering realization that significant achievements require time.


9. A true champion does not care about titles.

Titles are for those who judge themselves based on appearances. A winner might use a title as a simple way to explain their role, but in challenging situations, they won't manipulate their position or title to control others. This is especially relevant in a professional environment, where saying "Because I am the CEO" can often be a diplomatic move. Genuine leaders, those who have achieved true victory, understand their value. And a title doesn't define that value.

It's evident through their actions, their character, and their deeds.


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