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How Creative People Can Overcome Impostor Syndrome

  • 13th Jun'21

Do waves of negative thought flow through your mind? It isn’t the lack of success but the desire to be better than creates such waves. 


What Leads to Impostor Syndrome? 

Studies suggest that the parental role in early childhood could be a factor; societal expectations, gender-related attribution, or behavioral traits of a person who likes perfection can lead to it. The majority of impostors are high achievers like Emma Watson, Sheryl Sandberg, Albert Einstein, and many more. Is it always wrong? No. It all depends on how you take it. You can let it command your actions or learn to work around it. 


Imposter Syndrome


To Overcome Impostor Syndrome


Step Up and Own Your Errors: 

Mistakes make you learn the art of perfection. Learn to own them up and rectify them instead of self-blame.


Stay Grounded:

As you get your mind towards doing your work the right way and letting go of your unrealistic expectations, you learn to stay humble. 


Channelize Your Thoughts to Performance: 

Do not let your thoughts rule you. As they start invading, focus on something else. Take up a course, work on your strengths, talk to people about it or meditate. Take baby steps, keep putting in your efforts but don’t expect your success. Remember to stop judging yourself according to standards set by someone else.


Set the Bar High: 

Overcome your fear by building a ladder to self-improvement challenges. You can also deal with Impostor Syndrome using gamification. Once you focus on a solution, the problem won’t hinder you. 


Do Not Overlook Your Achievements: 

Practice the art of pause and reflect. Look at your efforts and your success. It is important to motivate yourself to override the thoughts of self-doubts. Pat on your back, even for minor accomplishments. You will see how you get your confidence back.



Work on inflicting positive thoughts on your mind. Meditation, Books and Yoga can help you cure Impostor Syndrome. Believe in yourself. The more positive energy you garner, the better are the ways to overcome feelings of fraud and inadequacy.


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