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How Companies Can Support Employee Career Advancement?

  • 15th Nov'22

Any business can achieve significant growth if they ponder how to support employee career advancement. What would you gain from this, that's what you are thinking.

Today we are going to discuss this properly. Let's see objectively how your support for your employees can do wonders for your business. 

1. Pay attention to the objectives of the employee's career

Employees often gets stuck with this - How to achieve career advancement?  If you are genuinely interested in your employees progress interacting with them. As managers, you are responsible for looking for career growth opportunities for employees.

Establish clear benchmarks for success and the supplementary resources that employees will probably need to use on their path. Employee engagement can be increased by the manager communicating career advancement milestones to them clearly, straightforwardly, and consistently.


2. Encourage mentoring and job shadowing

One of the best decisions a company can make at any moment, both for the firm's success and for its employees' personal and professional development, is to establish a systematic mentorship programme. Mentoring is another powerful method for integrating distant employees. But remember, this is a two-way street. If the senior professionals guide you through challenging times, you are equally responsible for sharing your technological expertise. 

Do you know what the next best thing to mentorship is? Recently the term 'job shadowing' has been quite popular. Job shadowing is a job training method where the existing employees are looking to try a different role. Sometimes freshers are qualified for this position as well. Most of your companies must have an opening for this position. Go ahead and ask your seniors, convince them to permit you to job shadowing. I assure you, you will see an equivalent impact as you experience while pursuing a course. 


3. Changing employee roles

For a decade I didn't stick to one project or task. . I decided to pursue different projects from time to time. It gave me different perspectives and I am up for any challenge.

Consider rotating their roles if you are genuinely looking at how to support employee career advancement. It is mandatory for everyone, especially if your employees are in a remote team. A remote team's rapport can be cultivated and cross-departmental collaboration can be increased through job rotation. Additionally, you will gain from having a more diverse workforce.


4. Look at the bigger vision

I was in a conversation with a team leader, and she asked me - How can I offer career growth opportunities for employees? I said : First of all, stop restricting your employees. Try to see them through the lens of a larger perspective. They are not just someone with targets, same field projects, or someone who will be happy with additional perks. You have to consider their aspirations as well.

Employees' roles are more important when they are reminded of their contributions to the company's mission. So, what can you do? Individuals feel important when they are appreciated, particularly for their specific contributions. It is then that they realize the company see them for their individuality and not just as an asset.

5. Offer rewards and appreciation

Remember in college when you got credits for your association with any special club or activity? How thrilled were you at that time, right? It helped you to advance on the right path. 

Today, we are in a professional world, and each of us is trying to motivate ourselves to perform better. But it's not easy to do that every day. So what can be done? 

As an organization, if you are thinking about career growth opportunities for employees, you can do one simple thing. Giving your staff praise and incentives can boost their motivation and loyalty, key factors in employee growth. Performance levels rise when workers feel appreciated and their efforts are being noticed.


6. Use a Learning Management System (LMS)

The majority of times, I have seen businesses unable to keep their resources and budget systematically. Eventually, they end up in a severe crisis, which has a negative impact on the employees. Is there a way out, though?

Don't worry it's not a complicated process. Decades before it was a tedious process of training your employees, and keeping track of your budget, but today we have an efficient system.

For training, you can use LMS software to transfer the training into an eLearning platform, saving significant time that would otherwise be spent educating new hires or working one-on-one on redundant training programmes.

In this way, you are saving valuable time, using the resources efficiently, and supporting your employees in their career advancement.


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