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How Can You Overcome Lack Of Confidence?

  • 14th Jan'22

“Confidence is the key. If you don’t believe in yourself, then nobody will.” On a typical day, many of us have the pressure of juggling between many roles, but then few stand out in what they do. These people are the bold, daring kind who are not afraid to proceed in life on their terms. 

But, how do they overcome their lack of confidence? 

Are they born confident?

Can confidence be genetic or acquired? 

Such no-brainer questions revolve around the minds of people who find it hard to build courage and confidence from within.

Let’s understand why this happens?

Confidence generates from passion and knowledge. Immense power for getting that project or cracking that interview followed by correct knowledge of the subject fuels confidence in a person. Unless you break out from your comfort shell, sit through the hard days, you can not push through your fear of achieving greatness. Here are a few  ways to start your days with  more confidence.


Tips to Become More Confident


  • Choose the Right Company

Family, friends, and colleagues who trust in you, who push you in life to become your better version, are the people to keep by your side. It is often said that you soon become the company you keep. To exude confidence in your job, interests, and decisions, be with confident people, and seek their help when you feel lost.


  • Rely On Self Help Books

I advocate the idea of spending time with great books. Many authors have penned down their failures, insecurities, and how they overcame their fear to achieve their wildest dreams. Becoming: A Guided Journal For Discovering Your Voice by Michelle Obama or The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle are some books that would push you to live in the moment and take chances. The books have helped many open up and find their inner voice. When you try to understand your intuition, it is only a matter of time to gain the confidence you require.


  • Forgive Yourself

Your lack of self-confidence begins from the time you compare yourself with others. We mostly see consistency and hard work results where we miss out on the first phases of struggle. Understand this, the Barack Obama you see today has had his stammering days, so never stop investing in yourself. Refrain from any negative self-talk that can crush your hopes. Forgive yourself for the times you have wronged yourself or feared more in situations. The more you seek good things, the sooner they come to you.


  • Nip It in The Bud

Risk where you are the most afraid. Nip your fears in the bud by addressing them. Of course, the key is to start slow but do not stop if you fail. Remind yourself continuously why you started in the first place and what you wish to achieve. Start that new project and stop letting your boss undermine your career goals.Get yourself registered for the course you have wanted for days, and instead of waiting for the right time, take a plunge. By being proactive, you can overcome a lack of confidence.


  • Prioritize your Goals

Often our wants get entangled with our wish to please others. It is one of the most underestimated causes of lack of self-confidence. You have to forget what others around you want and focus on your goals. Spend time working on yourself to master your skills and achieve career goals efficiently. You will be on a path to success and will emerge a confident self as you do that.


  • Look at the Optimistic Side of Things

Everything happens for a reason, and a confident person finds the good in the bad. So if you fail at one interview, think that a better job awaits you and prepare fiercely. It is always rewarding to keep a journal and write positive statements about oneself. As you do that, you start believing in it and overcome the lack of self-confidence in the process. Also learn to be a good boss to yourself.


  • Learn the Art of Humor

It is often said that if you laugh at yourself, no one can insult you. We all are humans, and we will make mistakes, but taking it in one’s stride without losing hope is a skill. If you are a cook and some people leave incredibly negative comments about your food, take it in humor but revert by refining your skills. Life is only a medium to learn better and live with confidence.


  • Be Kind To Yourself

Being kind to your emotions, body, and mind is crucial to overcoming a lack of confidence. Mindful meditation calms your brain to think straight, regular exercise, a good diet keeps you healthy, and good reads and intelligent conversations keep your emotions in control. Through self-compassion, you can get self-confident. It is also seen that the relationship between happiness and career success is directly proportional.


  • Ace The Art

It is extremely crucial to learn the art you pursue and master it to gain confidence. One of the reasons we lack self-confidence is a lack of finesse. Enision yourself being successful and then groom yourself to it. Empower yourself by being more knowledgeable about the art.


  • Practice Gratitude

When you learn to be thankful for who you are and what you have been bestowed within life, you accept it with grace. When you accept things that you cannot change and work for the ones you can, your struggle gets halved. Gratitude teaches you to see the positive side of situations and also builds up your self-image. 

Gaining confidence is not an easy feat, but taking small steps in the right way will motivate you to overcome your lack of self-confidence. Are you ready to dive in and take a chance?


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Shellye Archambeau is determined to help you with all possible strategies to climb the ladder of success. She values your feedback. Do mention them in the comment section below.

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