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How Can You Foster A Successful Hybrid Workplace?

  • 25th Oct'21

Years before the pandemic, we would not have peeked into the importance of a hybrid workplace. We also would not be discussing how to make work fun and involved despite the place of operation. If something good has come out of the pandemic, it is this consciousness. The fact that managers are rethinking ways to foster a successful hybrid workplace; strategizing to direct resources to assist employees efficiently working from home is itself a rewarding experience. The time is right to materialize a smooth transition from remote working to a hybrid arrangement. Companies, however, need to rethink how to create an impeccable experience while they gather resources to help employees adapt to the hybrid culture.

We all have been through difficulties in shifting our work from offices to homes. At first, it was inconvenient to manage meetings, ensure a proper workflow and assure a work-life balance. But as we settled in and gave it time, we have seen productivity levels soaring high and employees being fantastically responsive working from home. Now, companies must assert methods to balance a home and office work arrangement, ensuring employees' well-being and profitable outcomes. 


Tips To Foster A Successful Hybrid Workplace

Team Up

It is essential for making employees understand the significance of a hybrid workplace. The idea is to stay connected with the office culture as well as maintain a healthy personal life. Ensure you do not push them to easily accept the changes, rather walk with them. Take their regular feedback, set up team meetups and one-on-ones to see how they like the changes. Team up the ones in favor of it and help the slow ones take their time to return to offices. The work will continue, but nurturing the relationship with employees will let them lean on you when they have concerns. The relationship between happiness and career success is profound and ensures the overall development of the firm.


Rack Up The Right Resources

Remote working helped us gain trust in technology and explore its various forms to gain a competitive advantage over others. Companies should shift to cloud computing from traditional data centers to ensure better scalability and accessibility. We all know how cloud computing service has made available all tools and applications for a business. So, depending upon your business requirement and budget, you can tweak the features of the cloud and ensure great productivity without spending much on the physical data infrastructure. Also, understand the individual needs and accommodate those necessities so that they achieve career fulfilment and also adapt to the hybrid workplace quickly.  



One of the primary skills that must rest with the organization's leaders is staying connected to employees. There are many ways to do that online as well. Casual conversations, building community platforms to spur the interest for some common passion, organizing online events are some of the techniques. It is obvious that physically it is easier to meet someone, know what they are dealing with and help them. You can strike up conversations, wish on an accomplishment or announce a small token of appreciation. Approaching is effortless, and there is a better reciprocation to the communication exchange. However, managers must think of ways to effectively communicate online and show their employees how immensely they care for them. Creating a space for conversations, initiating a plan to restore the informal setups online, discussing long-term career goals etc., will build the trust of the employees in the firm. That will lead to fostering a successful hybrid workplace. 


Change Perspective

Offices have tended to the absurd mentality of some managers to count productivity in terms of physical availability. They need to move out of that shell and count on the work done metric and the time spent. Aren't we smart enough to understand that our busy lives need a pinch of flexibility? Leaders must make it a rule to promote employees based on their accomplishments without paying heed to how many hours they sat in the office. Toiling hard for recognition isn't the right way to create a culture; instead, the focus must be to let employees innovate and research at their times to produce quality work. In fact, in such times, firms must interview all employees online, including the local candidates. It is to display the act of equality over convenience. It also clears any form of disparity or bias for selected individuals inflicting a sense of team building from the beginning of the hiring process.  


Incentives And Facilities

Remote working gives employees flexibility and ensures undivided attention to their projects. When you ask employees to return to offices, bring the pre-pandemic office habits back. They already know how to get work done even from their homes; there should be something more to make them feel they belong there. Try out with some incentives for additional accomplishments, like when they take the initiative to train new recruits or find an easy way to do a piece of work. Companies can bring back the excellence awards for every type of contribution, whether it happens at the office or remotely. Other facilities like cab ride sharing services, tours and trips, annual office parties keeping in mind the Covid protocols and ensuring the safety of employees will drive them to foster a successful hybrid workplace. 


People Define A Company

A true leader is aware of the fact that it is the workforce and the quality of it that ensures a successful workplace. The model could be remote, on-site or hybrid, but how you motivate your employees, push them to achieve their goals and align their objectives with the firm's is important. To foster a successful hybrid workplace, managers must lay out careful strategies, constantly innovate and connect with the employees. Transformation of any type is power and with great power comes great responsibility. So businesses must have things in place before doing an intentional transformation. The better the united efforts, the easier the whole process..   


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