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How Can You Find A Good Mentor Working Remotely

  • 20th Oct'21

Remote working is the trend now, and the current market outlook suggests it is here to stay. The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the ways we do our job responsibilities, including relying on virtual communication. In such times, it is challenging to stay focused and achieve our goals and align them with the organization's objectives. But there is no other way. With the rollout of vaccinations, companies are adopting a hybrid work schedule, but things aren't coming back to normalcy (life before pre-pandemic) anytime soon. Hence, the concern now is how to find a good mentor when you are working remotely? 

A good mentor helps you see hope in yourself when you can't see it. Having a good mentor ensures that you stay on track and take the proper steps towards your goals. Remote working could pose a problem, especially to a fresher or a new hire, because they have to learn its policies virtually. A good mentor would help adapt to the new work culture and effective communication and guidance for career development. Let's see the benefits of mentorship and what you can do to find a good mentor when working remotely. 


Benefits Of Having A Mentor

Committed To Your Purpose

A mentor helps in aligning your goals with that of the organization and ensuring your career growth. They share their experiences and help you advance in your learning curve. They share their prudence on various topics concerning work and develop your knowledge about the organization's business.


Believes In You

A good mentor believes in your capabilities and celebrates your little victories. They give you constructive criticism and have an optimistic take on failures too. 


Introduces You To Possibilities

Effective mentorship programs help you see the world of possibilities and challenges that are practical. They allow you to build connections, track your progress and give you an insight into your personality.


Brings The Best In You

They give you confidence by trusting in your abilities. They bring out the best in you through practical suggestions and update you with new changes. They motivate you when you are under stress or disturbed.


Connects You To Leaders

A good mentor is a good leader. An impactful virtual mentor would inspire you to take on leadership and be responsible for your actions. They let you take on essential responsibilities and develop leadership in you. They also introduce you to other leaders who can impact you positively. 


Enhances Your Skills

With a good mentor, you will be in your best form. They enhance your interpersonal and communication skills. They strengthen your resumes by helping you take on new projects and refine your strategies. With their feedback and assistance, you get to explore new opportunities and challenges. 


What Can You Do?

Look For Mentorship Programs

Many times employees tend to miss the organization-sponsored webinars and mentorship programs. Attend them. Approach people over meetings, chat with team members and expand your professional network. The idea is to learn from them to look for someone who has been in your shoes before. A mentor does not necessarily have to be your manager. They can be your colleague or members within your team who have a little more experience than you with who sharing becomes more effortless. 

As you prioritize networking daily, you can select a business mentor with the right mindset for a great mentorship experience.


Patience Is The Key

It is not easy to find mentors at work, more so virtually. You may find people who are successful but not great at mentoring. Some might commit to you but could not follow up. So it is time-consuming. However, be patient and keep looking. Do not give up because of initial setbacks.

As you cultivate relationships with your peers and superiors, you will get some assistance along the way. However, do not be disappointed if they deny mentoring you. People have lots of commitments. So, move on when you find yourself in such situations.


Follow Up When It Clicks

Do not forget to follow up in your endeavor to find the right mentor when you are working remotely. Connect with them regularly, make small talk and discuss openly. Believe in becoming friends first and then strive for long-term bonding. 

It is impossible to find the right match at one go. So keep building your social network. Get connected over professional platforms like LinkedIn or a Zoom meetup and hold on to the right people.


Look For Connections Beyond

Remote working implies finding a good mentor apart from your professional network or someone not from your organization. There is no one to judge you as you choose a mentor when you are working remotely. A mentor outside your network can help you aim better and expand your goals. All you must remember is that the value of mentorship is immense.


Share Your Requirements

As you build work connections, try sharing your requirements. Sometimes openly communicating your needs brings the right people closer to you. There are so many leaders in the firm who are willing to volunteer as mentors for new recruiters. Catch their attention and seek assistance and motivation. Virtual mentoring is quite common these days.


Pave The Path

There are immense benefits of remote mentoring. It widens the area of reaching people and building long-lasting connections. You head in the direction of making a great career and maintaining a work-life balance. And through a good mentor, you pave the path of peers who look up to you for inspiration.

Mentoring streamlines your work process, gives you a peek into yourself and your ambitions. It ensures you track and achieve your goals in that limited time frame. With a mentor, the learning curve is only upwards. In addition, they help you polish your interpersonal skills, refine your work strategies and prioritize your tasks. You contribute better in your personal and professional life. So next time when you wonder how to find a good mentor when you are working remotely, assess the perks of mentoring. That will make your search easy. 


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