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How Can You Avoid The Negative Effects Of Work And Life Imbalance?

  • 26th Sep'22


It can be difficult to reconcile work and personal life in many professions. Work imbalance, however, can have negative effects on your health, your ability to maintain close friendships, and your ability to be productive at work.  

According to a study on the impact of work-life balance on employee performance, 168 respondents were considered to be at a work-life imbalance, in which 53.4% were men and 46.6% were women. This study was conducted in Muscat.

The figures and stats differ from country to country but it doesn't change the fact that employees have been facing this imbalance for a long time.
Understanding how work-life integration influences many aspects of your life might help you prevent its negative effects. 

Let's focus only on the controllable variables of this challenge - 

Prioritize both mental and physical health

I wake up every morning, repeat a positive affirmation, and follow a daily morning schedule that prepares me for the day. This is quite a simple ritual to remind the self that whatever happens, I have to focus on my physical and mental well-being. The same goes for you. When you start your day with a prepared mindset that inspite of the challenges in your life you will pay attention to your overall well-being, you are already on the right track.

Working in corporate culture has its own perks and burnouts. You are chasing deadlines after deadlines, only to realize you can't anymore. Many corporations are taking this burnout issue seriously and reinventing their strategies for work, like a 4-day workweek. As a result, the impact of work-life integration on employee performance is improving. 

I want you to take charge of your life because nobody understands it better than you. You know your requirements, you know what you like to do and what you don't. Maintaining physical and mental health is crucial while coping with a work-life imbalance. Eat a nutritious, balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep to feel refreshed to strengthen your immune system.

Focus on your relationships

You might not be able to give your partner, kids, or friends the time they require if you're constantly working or under much stress. Poor work-life integration leads to exhaustion and fatigue. You will struggle to stay focused or engage completely in family activities.

The impact of work-life integration on employee performance is also important to consider. Relaxed and enthusiastic employees are more likely to handle stressful or high-pressure circumstances at work successfully. If something on the job disturbs a person who is already under stress due to a work-life integration issue, they may lash out at other staff members, managers, or clients.

There are a few ways to remedy undue stress. Just like you are looking for a purpose in your job, you need that in your life as well. That purpose is contributing to a cause in a society that brings you peace and happiness. According to the Deloitte Volunteer Impact Research survey, Nine out of ten employees think that companies who sponsor volunteer activities like food donation drives to the needy, and marathon runs, help create a better work environment. You are free to choose another way to give back, but make sure you commit to it for a set amount of time; otherwise, it will become yet another responsibility.

Do not ignore the problems around you

It would be best if you examined the root causes of your work-life imbalance to achieve work-life integration. It is not healthy to assume everything is fine when it is not. Maybe you are expected to understand a tool within a week, or you are supposed to keep a minute-to-minute tab of your work and send it to your managers. These are all signs of a bad working environment. Please do not consider it normal and certainly do not consider it as a sign of growth. Sure, growth is not comfortable but nobody said that the environment has to be challenging for growth.

If you feel overworked, you need to talk to your manager about other options - like working abroad or taking some time from new projects at a particular period. No one can read your mind. It would ultimately be your call to choose your life’s priority.

You can call it irony or just the way of life, but you cannot avoid your duties at your home but it is certainly much easier to delegate. 

How can the negative effects be transformed into a positive working environment?

It has been demonstrated that a work-life imbalance affects both the range of emotional and cognitive functioning and job motivation and performance. If you care about the impact of work-life balance on employee performance then work towards some actionable steps.

Framework policy and decision-makers must evaluate the degree of work-life integration for employees and intervene with support initiatives and programs to help people achieve their work-life integration. Such actions would be required to increase productivity, and reduce employee turnover.


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