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How Can I Support Someone With Impostor Syndrome?

  • 14th Jun'21

The word Impostor derives from the Latin word, Impostorem, which means to impose. 

An impostor is a person who pretends to be someone he is not. An occurrence of feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, and negativity describes Impostor Syndrome. It can attack anyone from successful people, leaders, men, and women who are well established to students and homemakers. 

Have you ever heard your friend say? “I am afraid the project ain’t that good,” but you find out they scored well. Have you been with someone who constantly plans to perfect everything that they do? Dedicated individuals who strive to get a name in their career or make things better get victimized by Impostor Syndrome.


So How can you Support Someone with Impostor Syndrome?


By Talking that it Exists

Make people aware that there is something like Impostor syndrome and about 70% of people have it. It’s a good habit to talk of it and share the load off the mind.Use encouraging words for anyone dealing with Impostor Syndrome.


Make them have Realistic Expectations from Self

Realistic expectation calms that voice in your head, and you don’t run after perfection. You practice with an open mind.


No Judging/Comparing

Accept someone how they are. They already make it difficult for themselves by comparing themselves with others. You must not do it too.


Recommend Meditation and Therapy

Impostor Syndrome affects your health. Meditation and yoga are ways to soothe your mind and channel them towards positivity. Therapy enables someone to listen to you as you feel stuff and to show you the why and how of it. Hence you move on without regrets.


support someone with Imposter Syndrome


Forgive and Forget

When someone makes mistakes, show them how forgiving can benefit them. When you accept and own your mistakes, you see beyond them and learn.


Challenge to Evolve

As you try to excel and fail, you learn to motivate yourself. Find the benefits of Impostor Syndrome. It is okay to make mistakes, but only a fool makes the same mistakes repeatedly. Challenge yourself to improvise on what you feel is lacking.


Focus on Strengths

When you make people zoom in on their strengths, you see them digging a bit more to improvise. It is seen that creative people can overcome Impostor Syndrome as they take responsibility for their weaknesses in a healthy way.

It is essential to understand that we all struggle with feelings of inferiority and less self-worth. However, we must show the way to each other and fight it out together to evolve as better beings making way for a better future. Better humanity guarantees a happier world.

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