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How AI Will Shape the Leaders of the Future

  • 18th Jun'21

What is inevitable? Future.

…And the future is artificial intelligence (AI). 

Those who still are not aware of the AI can ask Alexa or Siri. But wait!! Both of them are AI in themselves. AI has gained a prominent space in many fields such as surveillance, security, retail, and banking, etc. Soon, we expect it to grow dominantly, and one likely place will be the leader. Unlike in the past, leaders no longer look like warlords but are individuals with access to several technologies to accomplish their goals.


AI will Shape the Leaders of the Future


Balancing Human Capital with AI

Yes, some people still don't like AI, and their reasons are valid. Still, AI has arrived, and companies have started implementing it for various purposes such as training humans, minimizing errors, automate performance, and figuring out patterns to assist course correction at the earliest. It will benefit leaders greatly, as with AI we will see changes in a new manager's mindset.

They can more efficiently make changes in the future to increase efficiency and productivity. Hence, leaders must start implementing AI to stay ahead in the race or be competitive. Leaders of the future can use AI to train their employees, learn about different ways to do things, and do critical analysis more efficiently to keep their company's culture and their employees' faith strong in them.


Traits of the Future Leaders

With AI gaining more prominence in the future, successful leaders are bound to be affected by it. They will be more self-aware, more knowledgeable about people they work with, and prioritize purposeful connections. Also, as explained in this article, a vaccine prioritizing EQ over IQ might uniquely position women to outperform men in leadership roles in the future that will help in creation of an alligned organizations.


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