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5 Proven Habits Of High Performers That Will Transform Your Business

  • 29th Jun'22

We often keep asking ourselves what are some specific habits of high performers? How are they so efficient?  
The best way for you to understand this is you getting the opportunity to share that life with the high performers, which doesn’t happen often. So the next best thing would be to focus on their habits, how do they stay firm on their habits and how do they approach certain challenges? 

This article will help you to understand those habits. 

1. Time to seek clarity

People who focus on their high performance look for clarity at regular intervals. They do not wait for special occasions or a new month. Whenever they witness that they are lagging behind or their productivity is not optimum, they perform their self-evaluation and carefully scrutinize their habits that need to be either changed or upgraded.
It is a simple approach, you can do this while keeping these 4 things in mind - self, skills, social and service. You can ask some questions yourself - What is the best way to describe your ideal self? If you are in a social circle, how exactly do you want to behave? In which areas do you want to upskill? What is the preferred service that you want to provide?
Answering these questions will definitely improve your performance

2. Pause and Reenergize

Imagine you are accomplishing your tasks one after the other - You are attending calls, completing your task at hand, running your personal errands, without taking any proper meal and break. What do you think would be the end result? You got that right - Burnout. 
Being punctual at your work is the best quality, it helps you in the long run when you are handling different tasks. But you can only accomplish specific tasks in a day.
Before you completely exhaust yourself - get up from your working station, drink a glass of water, do some basic stretches, and have your preferred energy drink. Before jumping on to other tasks include these small recreational activities to channel your energy. 

3. Work in 50-Minute Intervals

You are clear with your goals, channelized your energy and sat down with a nice cup of coffee but have you figured out for how long you will be working on a particular task?  I understand you want to utilize your time wisely but it is not possible if you are not tracking it. 

Working in 50-minute intervals is the best way to track your work and progress. Once you have blocked your 50 minutes for a particular task and after you finish various tasks, by the end of the day you can easily identify the part of your day when you were actually productive and when you were engrossed in non-essential tasks.

4. Be Conscious of Self-Sabotage and Strive to Address It

Every company wants its personal brand to stand out.  But every day is not the same, right?  Some days it is really difficult to overcome the fumes of negativity. And the question is who is pulling you down? Where is the negativity coming from? Ironically, our own mind is cooking such negative thoughts, it keeps analyzing some phrases repeatedly, or thinking about what the troll said. 
“I will never be good enough, even if I am consistent”. You all must have repeated this somewhere in your life and you still do. 
Sabotaging yourself is a natural phenomenon, and you can come out of it slowly by changing your conversations in your mind. Change those phrases, share your thoughts in a diary, read that and address the underlying problem, you will eventually realize that it was just your mind. Do not keep it to yourself, let it out and you will see that there was not much to worry about.

5. Work and Breathe Simultaneously

We cannot live a second without breathing. But can we live a few minutes without working? I hope you can.  As I have mentioned above you have the bandwidth to work, if you stretch yourself anywhere beyond that you will be miserable and unproductive.

As you close the apps on your phone which are not required, use that same technique with your mind as well. There will always be some tasks to finish, some edits to do, some meetings to be scheduled, some personal errands to take care of and what is your mental status in all this?
Do not wait for the burnout to give you the signs that you need rest. Make sure that after completing any task give your mind a narration that the work has been completed and now you will take a deep breath and concentrate on your body and feel the stress melting away when you release the breath. It is true you can’t let go of your work completely but you can work with the awareness that you are completing your tasks, you are taking breaks and you are channelizing your energy back to yourself. 

I assure you that you can transform your business by adapting high performing habits that are mentioned above and the best part is you don’t have to invest in any expensive tools or services. Just work on these habits and you will see a tremendous improvement.


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