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3 Good Things You Can Learn from a Bad Boss

  • 28th Aug'21

With a career lasting over several decades, I can tell you that I’m no stranger to a bad boss experience. It is something I wouldn’t wish anyone to have, but knowing how the workplaces are, there’s a 100% chance to have a lousy boss at some point in your career. While some may have managed to deal with it comfortably, I’m sure some must still be having a tough time getting over it. To them, I would say that try not to let such experiences dampen your spirit. After all, some of life’s best lessons can come from most unwanted places. And a bad boss experience is one such place.

Irrespective of how overly demanding boss and managers they are, you can always squeeze out a few suitable lessons from these experiences for your future self. I did too, and here they are.


Never Take it Personally

Harsh criticism from bosses can easily crumble our confidence and abilities to do our work. Therefore, we must be aware of how to deal with them. As long as the feedback is constructive, you should be okay with those criticisms sportingly. However, some bosses like to see their employees as punching. It would be best if you did not let their rash complaints vehemently but secretly.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

The communication gap is a common ground for mistakes to happen. It can happen from either end. If the fault is yours, do your best to apologize and not repeat it. But if it’s your boss's fault, then don’t be afraid to question them. Just ensure that you make your boss listen to you calmly and politely.


Talk About Your Requirement

There can be instances where your boss or manager assigns you a project with little to no information about it. To make things worse, the boss may just believe that they have provided all the essential details. In such cases, instead of laying back, it is always better to take the initiative and collect the details you need for the project.


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