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Good Boss or a Great One!

  • 22nd Jun'21

A certain stigma had often surrounded boss roles at work. It's an age-old common stereotype that states – Bosses don't like to hear complaints constantly. Also, there's a belief that complaining would put an employee at risk of losing their job.

Now, are you in a boss position? Do you worry about getting stereotyped in it? Likewise, you may have many questions that you wish to have answers to, so you can better not be stereotyped. More importantly, to not be looked around like some boss-Zilla. Therefore, unless you can't be bothered about giving your best to the position, you can see yourself as a good boss or a great one or even an overly demanding boss.


How to Be a Great Boss?


Know About Your People

Suppose you have an employee named Brad. He's a great cashier and even better with the customers. However, if you put him in kitchen work, you lose a great cashier and customer favorite. Also, you will have below-average food. 

The point is a lot of times, bosses have the resources for their work. But since they are unaware of their employees, they miss out on getting the best out of them for all parties involved. Hence, the path to becoming a great leader starts directly from knowing your people well.


Be a Boss That Can Think Like an Employee

Almost every employee wants to feel valued and appreciated for their work from time to time. They want to be noticed by their boss. However, they ain't sure if they should step out of the "unspoken boss-Zilla line" and risk their job. As a result, it becomes a boss's job to ensure that your employees find you approachable and cared for. The best way to accomplish this is to think like your employees. It will help to understand where the problem is that's preventing a tremendous boss-employee relationship. Also, not lose your sanity ever.

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