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Golden Rules of Personal Branding

  • 27th May'22

Creating a personal brand is one of the most complex and equally challenging things to do. It requires you to become a master of your craft, have command of your delivery, and much more. You may have heard many stories of personal branding. Apple, Nike, Gucci, Zara, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, etc. of them, are well-known brands from different sectors. They stand out amongst the competitors, and what do you think helps them do this? Personal branding.

Personal branding is a powerful tool in a world dominated by social media. If you run a small business, you must ask yourself - why should someone buy from you when they have the world as a whole in their pocket? Smartphones with 24/7 internet access have revolutionized the way people see things, buy things, and use them. Apple, Zara, and personalities such as Oprah and Harvey still remain leaders in their areas due to their personal branding.

Personal branding can elevate your presence in the natural and virtual world. It can further strengthen your credibility and boost your business and career through more opportunities than the norm. However, personal branding is not a cakewalk and can take years to develop. Therefore, it becomes critical that you do your personal branding right. And to help you with it, I bring you some golden rules of personal branding.


Golden Rules of Personal Branding

To have a personal brand is a dream of many, and I'm here to help those dreams. With all the blessings, the opportunities, experiences, and growth I have seen in my life - I knew there would come a time when I must use them to elevate other hard-working men and women. So, today I choose to share my knowledge on personal branding. Here you can read about the following rules that have helped me become the person I am today. Do share if you find them helpful. So, let's begin.


Find Your Path

Finding your path is the first necessary step and perhaps the most difficult of the golden rules of personal branding. For personal branding, it's important to separate "passion" from a sustained interest that matters to an audience. After all, you will need an audience to fulfill your dreams. The reason I say it is passion and interests can sometimes overlap. Also, there is an absolute chance that passion is just a hobby and not a career goal.

Some people even struggle with deciding which path to take when they have different interests. To them, I will suggest keeping all their interests and activities together. You never know when they can come together and assist you in your goals. Also, remember that you don't have to select a perfect path. However, it would be best to remain clear that it can lead you in the right direction. Apart from it, you will continue to learn and develop throughout your journey.



Let me tell you the most important rule of personal branding - commitment. Personal branding isn't something that can happen in weeks or months, and it takes years to brand yourself and attain credibility and support from your target audience. So, before you embark on the personal branding journey, ensure that you can commit 2-3 years minimum to develop your personal branding. Also, it would be best if you had a lot of patience and perseverance to get there.


Everything is Connected

Beware of every step you take when focused on developing your personal brand. You may wonder why? It is because everything is connected. Be it at work, at home, in a coffee shop, at a meeting, or on vacation - everything stays connected. You are one person, and your personal brand gets decided by the impact you leave on people everywhere. 

So, if you share your travel pictures on your social media account, that becomes a part of the personal brand journey. You cannot play hide and seek with your target audience as they will see through it. Everything you do or don't do and are even about to do becomes a part of your personal brand.


Prioritize Content

Content drives personal branding. Furthermore, the type of content you share is a critical decision. The primary consideration is that it has to be something you believe in because if you don't, nobody else will. Also, for personal branding, you must remain ready for everything - blogs, videos, podcasts, streaming, etc. To stand out, you have to be great. Since you can't be great in 10 different places, focus on being excellent in one place, not ubiquitous.


Tell Your Story

Storytelling is an essential part of personal branding. When you tell a compelling story, people will relate to it, and bonds will develop. However, do not try to fake it. Never manufacture your story as we live in the social media era. Here everything gets revealed sooner or later, truth or fake. So, be genuine about what you share with your audience and figure out what you can relate to most that will be the most impactful.


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