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Five Keys to an Excellent Relationship with Your Boss

  • 23rd Jun'21

Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much- Helen Keller.

A critical part of good work culture is proper communication and an excellent relationship with your boss. You do not just report to your boss; you also spend a lot of time with him. The better they know you, the more exposure you can seek. A healthy work relationship is a win-win for all. A relationship that goes beyond “we get along fine” is the one that goes a long way even after you leave the firm or report someone else. After all, your letters of recommendation won’t write themselves.


Tips to Establish a Better Relationship with your Boss


Know your Manager In and Out

Learn how to manage your boss, his approach to work, his thought process, his bond with other people, etc. The knowledge gives you an upper hand on developing the relationship with him also being considerate about his style and technique.


Be Proactive

Be at the forefront of your work. Learn the basics and always take the first initiative. Then, when you are proactive and meet deadlines set by your boss, you already move a step ahead to boost your career and be close to him.



Have open communication with your boss. At times, you may have to induce diplomacy but try to be as honest as you can. For example, if you need a planned leave, ask for it directly; don’t just disappear and call later.


Informal Talks

When the firm’s standards bind us, it is hard to open up and talk generally. So start to loosen the knot for a bit. Talk about your boss’s family, his aspirations, maybe try fun games with your team too. There are certain things your boss wishes you'd talk about. Also, when you are genuine and fun, you attract people better.


Think out of the box

Every boss is fond of employees who are driven to work. So, motivate yourself to see your work more than what others see. Show your excitement on new projects and pitch ideas and concepts.

Remember, the first step is you have to say you can!

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