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Finding the Benefits of Impostor Syndrome

  • 12th Jun'21

Impostor Syndrome, a vice for many, tends to go deep into the senses of high achievers and successful people. It questions the fundamental intention of the hard work that you put in to achieve your goals. Why does it make you doubt your skills?


Well, You Can Look at it Either Way: 


1. Because luck got you where you are. 

2. Because you are taking your success too seriously. 


When you stop looking at the path you took in that microscopic mind, you tend to address the real issue. The real challenge is to accept what it poses. With advancements in technology, we question many old theories and ways of working. Like, people preferring short messages over chatting platforms than emails. How do Impostors cope with this? One easy way is to take the syndrome positively. 


Benefits of Impostor Syndrome


It challenges You to Upgrade Your Skills:

As you doubt your techniques or learning, you get a channel to upgrade your skills. Work on how you can unlearn old techniques. quickly adapt to new changes and learn to deal with Impostor Syndrome.

In the words of Kent Beck, software engineer, coach, and founder of extreme programming, when his programming approach failed in Facebook,” I deliberately chose to forget everything I knew about software engineering. I’m going to try and be a programmer, and I’m just going to copy what people do.”



As you accept your shortcomings, you get curious. Open your mind to build better solutions rather than being stuck with negative thoughts.


Self Improvement:

When you doubt yourself, you get a chance to improvise to achieve great results. You can use the opportunity to build your strengths and address your weaknesses.


Accept and Rectify Errors:

It gives you a moment to accept your errors, pause and reflect, and fix those mistakes. Once you learn to accept your flaws, you can surely transform them.



It teaches you to understand people who are in the same boat. It leaves you an opportunity to communicate and listen better.


Motivate and Move: 

As you feel undeserving of your success, you get the opportunity to channelize it to motivate you for tremendous success. When you move on, you will see more doors opening up for you.


Finally, it is important to welcome the process of thoughts that impostor syndrome generates. It lets you reflect on your actions and your decision-making skills. It can have a competitive advantage. As you overcome the negative thoughts and address them with proper measures, you grow.

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