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Figure Out Whether Your Boss Cares About Your Career Progression Or Not

  • 24th Feb'23

Our employer, whether we like it or not, has a big impact on how much we love our jobs.

And whether or not you have a good relationship with your boss depends enormously on how much they genuinely care about you as a person. To that purpose, this blog will explore the most prevalent indications that your supervisor cares about you.

It can be challenging to recognize when your supervisor is genuinely interested. Everybody experiences times at work when they feel undervalued and unappreciated. We may occasionally believe that our supervisor doesn't care due to heavy workloads, poor communication, and a lack of support. However, this does not necessarily imply that they do not; it may simply be a matter of perception and how we are considering the circumstance.

Here are 5 signs that your boss genuinely cares.

1. Helps you in your professional advancement

One of the unmistakable indicators that your boss values you is if they always encourage you to improve your work. Naturally, they won't just show up one day and offer you a promotion that you didn't earn. They will nevertheless provide you with instructions on how to get that promotion. An excellent boss supports your professional development. They are not put off by your prospective advancement. Instead, they eagerly anticipate it just as much as you do. This person's interests extend beyond the development of the business. They want you to advance alongside the company.

If you were to advance, would they no longer be your superiors? Would you two share the same position in the organizational chart after your promotion? 

Most likely yes. But your boss is anything but egotistical. Despite all of this, they still offer you the possibility of professional growth.


2. Offer you some constructive feedback

They give you criticism, but it's always constructive. They won't ever yell at you merely because another person irritated them or because they got out of bed on the wrong side. They will explain why you made a mistake, where and when it occurred, and its impact on the business. Most importantly, they will offer advice on how to avoid making the same mistakes again. Let's be realistic here. You don't enjoy getting criticized. Who, after all, does? But when they lay it out this way, it's simpler for you to comprehend their viewpoint. In addition, you are aware that they are acting in your best interest.


3. They give you due credit for your hard work

We have all experienced or witnessed situations where unfair credit is given. Examples include senior staff arrogantly claiming credit for the work of their unseen, diligent workers, silent achievers going unnoticed for their accomplishments, and credit being given to the incorrect people and for unworthy things.

Employees are more willing to give more when their employer constantly recognizes and honors the efforts of their team members and individuals because they are certain that the system is just and will fairly reward their work.

On the other hand, if credit is frequently given out incorrectly, organizational cancer may develop, and people and teams may lose the will to perform at their highest level because they think no one will notice if they don't. If your supervisor commends you for contributing to the success of the business and going above and beyond the call of duty, this is a good indication that they value you.


4. They listen to what you have to say

Having a two-way conversation can be challenging and cause misconceptions. It is a blessing to care enough to listen closely since listening is a true ability. If your manager is paying attention, they will push you to elaborate on the topic and pose questions so they can learn more. Even if you and your boss might not agree on everything, that's okay because a caring boss will still take the time to hear you out and respect your opinions.

Employees are more engaged and productive, feel more motivated to do better, and are more inclined to speak up in the future if they feel heard. Some managers utilize contests, rewards, and bonus plans to motivate their team to share ideas, which has the dual benefits of boosting the business and encouraging increased staff involvement.

Your manager is demonstrating that they care if they take the time to listen.

5. They respect work-life integration 

Even though you adore your job, you are aware that life is more than just work. Focussing too much on your career development while neglecting your personal life can harm your mental health. A good manager will respect your work-life integration while still appreciating you as a member of their team. The fact that your employer never contacts you after hours is one indication that they value you. They don’t demand that you put in extra time without being compensated for it.

They are aware that this is only your job and that they cannot reasonably expect you to make the company the center of your existence. In addition, they don't want to put pressure on you. A good manager understands that if you have enough downtime to unwind and forget about your work obligations, you will perform better at work. They might not admit it to you, but they also care about your personal growth, believe me. You are a human being, and your employer doesn't see you as an endless source of work.



Your ability to appreciate your job and career significantly increases if you have a caring supervisor. And, to be completely honest, you should exert every effort to locate a terrific supervisor that values you.

You're in a terrific position and should value that relationship for as long as you can if your supervisor exhibits several of the aforementioned indications that they care about you. On the other hand, if your boss doesn't, you might want to think about getting another manager.


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