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Encouraging Words For Anyone Dealing With Impostor Syndrome

  • 15th Jun'21

There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your thinking.- Brian Tracy

Impostor Syndrome defines the doubts and limits that your mind creates as a result of low self-esteem. When you believe your achievements, your efforts lie; you tend to give in to this vice. This is how Impostor Syndrome affects your work. 


So, How does it look when someone deals with Impostor Syndrome?


Speak Low of their Performances

They rarely amplify their successes and mostly self-doubt their efforts.


They Procrastinate

As you keep high, unrealistic expectations from yourself, disappointment and procrastination creep in.


Run Behind Perfection

They want the better versions of what they do as their efforts fail to please them.



They are mostly highly successful but never happy about their success.

So, how can we help them? Most of them may not reflect the tensions that break them on the inside. Well, observing some of the points above can help immensely.


Here is What we can Say


You are not Alone

You must remind them that many successful people, scientists, celebrities have admitted to being impostors but work daily to overcome it.


It’s a Phase; It shall Pass

Nothing is permanent. The feelings as they are will come and go. Only consistency and discipline are proper ways to work through it. Impostor Syndrome can be a competitive advantage as well.


Your Success is only One Part; the Rest is your Attitude

A failure, when he accepts and owns his mistakes, conquers himself, and writes his destiny. Attitude plays a significant role in bringing your spirits up. If you don’t like something, change it! This way you can remind yourself to overcome Impostor Syndrome


Surround yourself with Optimistic Company

Speak up to a mentor, friend, or family member. Positive people show us the potential we never realize we have. Extend help to your support group.


Write it Out

Make a plan. Strategize your goals and take baby steps to achieve them. Then, you would never get disappointed again.


Be Kind to yourself

To err is human. So forgive yourself and be kind to yourself. Once you accept how you are, that’s half the work done to self-confidence. 


Say the Good to the Bad

Transform the negative thoughts and look at the brighter side. See what you missed on the first attempt and challenge yourself to improvise with realistic goals.

Every person dealing with impostor syndrome must see the light at the end of the tunnel. To understand that you are incomparable and are the best version of yourself is one of the most incredible bliss. 

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