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Emotional Intelligence: 5 Tips for Dealing With your Boss's Boss

  • 25th Jun'21

Do you wonder how some people get promoted so quickly and head on to the upper management, whereas some get stuck in the organization structure? The answer to it is Emotional Intelligence. High achievers aim not just to impress their bosses but also to get noticed and gain the trust of the organization's leaders. If you wish to see yourself holding a significant position in the organization, build more prominent relationships with the organization's decision-makers. 


Here are Some Tips to Deal with your Boss's Boss and Succeeding in your Role:


Be The Best

Only with outstanding performance will people take you seriously. So never miss out on your targets. Get passionate about your projects, research, and update others with developments. Speak of what you know with your boss and get the attention of his boss with your valuable inputs.


Speak Up

Demand for opportunities politely. Let people know you, notice you. Make your boss listen to you. Initiate asking for extra responsibilities like training recruits, presenting in a meeting, etc. But don't just ask, prepare and excel.


The Right Attitude

The way you approach gives an insight into your nature. Be transparent with your standards. Tell your boss when he's wrong politely. Build management's trust in you. Learn to own your mistakes and be confident.


Coach is Your Confidant

Don't speak behind your boss. Make efforts to impress your boss even if you work from home. After all, he mentored you and polished your flaws. Even if you have issues with your boss, deal with them professionally. More the ally, more rewarding the success.


Seek Support

It is impossible to reach the pedestal of greatness without getting the support of the people around you. Leaders appreciate when employees approach them with the more significant issues. It reminds them of the responsibilities and also refines the relationship of both parties. So, keep the leaders in the loop of important matters. 



Sharing about challenges or troubles at work with the leaders makes your boss's boss get your perspective and gives them the idea of how important the company's values are to you. So, interact about things that you think need the attention of the leaders.

It is high time we stop calling them "soft" skills, as their significance can make or break your career.

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