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6 Effective Tips To Overcome Relocation Depression After Moving To A New City

  • 13th Sep'22

Have you just relocated to a new city? Your mind must be buzzing with thousands of narratives, and to top that you are alone. You don't know anyone.

It is difficult when you are far away from your family and friends. When you can't just go to a room and discuss your problems, this is a new city, a new life with opportunities that you never had a chance to work upon, but you are here finally. But it is scary. 

You don't need to be in this zone for a long time. You can do something about it. 

1. Explore new hobbies and your city

 A few decades back, exploring a new city was a major task. Looking for places and activities in the city wasn’t easy. Fortunately, today you can save considerable time by exploring it on social media platforms, some good blogs and reviews. I understand you may have been feeling frustrated and possibly lonely, I have one task for you. Pick up your phone, browse through the search engine and you will see numerous activities going on right now in the city. Surprising, isn't it? 

It is not, you were stuck in your environment for quite some time, so you were missing out on the activities like hiking, cycling, backpacking with your kind of people, musical shows, delicious cuisines … the list is long. I understand not one size doesn't fits all but these are just clues for you to explore.

I know you had the experience of some activities back at your old place. Still, when you are trying here, the culture is different, the language is peculiar, and your palate feels a refreshing taste every time you try a dish. 

Every place has its charisma; you need to leave your zone, go out and come back as a rejuvenated person.


2. Make new friends

Last week I had a meaningful conversation with one of my oldest friends. We both live in a different city which is quite far. I have few friends here at my place and I have a good conversation with them, but that doesn't mean I will forget the one I already have. 

Meeting new people and forging new friendships takes time, especially in a different city. I am sure you must have browsed through various blogs, podcasts on how to cope with relocation depression after moving to a new city? Yet you are not satisfied with the answers, Right?  You need to remember your purpose and why you relocated, keep that in mind and explore your neighborhood, ask for some help, lend your hand in a crisis, visit places and strike up a conversation regarding the city and maybe its history. It's always good to communicate when you are feeling overwhelmed, of course, be wise with whom you share. Apart from that, remember you are new and need some companionship, so why not initiate it by exchanging meaningful experiences?


3. Explore outside your comfort zone

"I like this place, I will visit it regularly every weekend." Isn't this your statement for a particular place? Visiting your favorite spot regularly is not bad but not giving a chance to other places is unfair. You have set your mind to a place and expect some amazing things to happen in the same place! 

We all want to set out lifestyles around a pattern because our lives may become chaos if we break that pattern. I believe you are not concerned about the chaos; you think you have to get up and visit another place, which is a task for you. See, it is not just about the place; it is also about your life. Have you tried baking? How about a marathon? I know your heartbeat is already up, just by listening to this, because it is not your known place, you didn't try it. I am not preaching anything here; you are smart enough to figure out what is your comfort zone and what is the one thing you avoid doing. Ask yourself, you will be surprised.


4. Try to understand your personality

Who are you? An employee, a business owner or maybe an artist? Most of you will answer this question with your designation first. But is that it? Who is the person behind this, what does she like, how does she react to certain things, what does she think when she is alone? Traveling is not the only way to know about yourself. Sometimes asking yourself direct questions is the way. 

You can continue to search online for ways to cope with relocation depression after moving to a new city. You will get thousands of blogs, hundreds of good podcasts, and self-help books. 

They will surely add insight to your life but not the solution. Yes, relocation depression is already taxing and now introspecting is another headache for you. I know, I have been there too when I relocated. But you don't need to spend 24*7 on introspection or journaling, again, that would be fruitless. You want to impact your life, so go ahead and explore, but listen to your instincts that differentiate between good and bad. Be vigilant when visiting new places or an acquaintance. Those things are real-world challenges that will help you enhance your inner self, and your inner voice.


5. It's okay to be alone

  Yes, it is! There's nothing shameful about trying something new alone. Yes, it is difficult, you are already going through relocation depression and I am suggesting this! I never said do nothing when you are alone. A quick question for you - why do you fear loneliness? Perhaps you cannot handle your emotions and work on the challenges that come before you. This is the answer for most of you, but let's just look at it like this - There is a possibility that you are fine with being alone but unaware of how you will take care of yourself and your daily task all by yourself. You have not done it before, you don't know how to do it. This means we have a "lack of information" situation here.

Most of the time we are working alone, of course, there's a team but the team is not constantly cheering up and bringing us food on time while assisting in our tasks, is it? You know your work, you know how to cook, so you are fine with it.

So while you are in a new city, follow the local news, talk to the local people, keep the stock of necessary items, put the emergency numbers in front of you, and always share your details with your trusted ones when you are traveling or going with someone new. In this way, you are prepared for most of the challenges in a new city. You will save your and others' time as well.


6. Be resilient

All these points mentioned above may not bring you an adventure every day. It is okay if it turns out to be a normal thing or maybe a bad experience. You will constantly be in between challenges and then some good phase, and again you will face a new obstacle. Overcome the situation that is over. In other words, build your resilience. Assure yourself there will be phases that are not favorable for you, but you have a better approach to the problems, also you become better at maintaining work-life integration.

Residing in an environment where you don't feel at home, have no friends, and cannot engage in useful activities can easily lead to depression. Let me ask you one question: In your childhood, when you fell off your bicycle, didn't you tell your parents about the pain you were feeling? Similarly, do not suppress that gloomy feeling, talk to your trusted people, take each day and accept that phase. Keep experimenting. You will find things that you align with.


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