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Do Tech Workers Want Remote Work? Rethink Your Response

  • 30th Aug'22

Tech workers will continue to be in high demand even in the face of recessionary challenges since the talent revolution is already well underway. They possess the abilities needed by businesses and the flexibility to easily switch employment. Many organizations make the assumption that Tech professionals want remote work, and that giving them the option to work from home is the best way to both recruit and retain them. 
What do tech workers actually desire? And how should their expectations influence the way employers plan to give each of their employees rewarding work experiences?


What do Tech Workers want?

Companies frequently believe that tech professionals are introverts who prefer to work alone at home, although this is obviously an oversimplification. The results of a recent study by Eden offer a far more complex picture of what tech workers want, and they have consequences for how to provide outstanding working conditions for all employees.


They Want Hybrid Workplace

Contrary to popular belief, just 18% of Tech workers prefer to work outside the office full-time, whereas 34% prefer to do so. Nearly half prefer hybrid jobs where they can work remotely sometimes and occasionally in the office. Gen Z employees want to be in the office more than employees from other generations, which is a generation-specific characteristic.


They Desire Choices

The majority of tech professionals are devoted to having options about where they work, with 95% of them stating that it's critical to have the option to work remotely and 63% indicating that it would affect their willingness to accept a job or remain at one. In reality, it will be difficult to convince them to work in an office full-time because 64% of them said they would need a 20% salary raise to come in 5 days a week.


They Want Work-Life Flexibility

Flexibility is more crucial to tech professionals than money. They value flexibility because it makes it easier for them to take care of domestic duties (37%), as well as to take care of kids and other family members (28%). They also appreciate flexibility, so they can avoid commuting every day (22%).


They Need Mentorship and Connection

The need of Tech workers to collaborate with coworkers, form connections with coworkers, and gain access to leaders is one of the reasons why they do not want full-time remote employment. In fact, 44% of Tech employees claim that they miss the sense of community and camaraderie that comes from working with others if they spend too much time away from the office. Additionally, they claim to have trouble communicating (35%) and to lose out on mentoring chances (26%).


Create Great Experiences for Everyone

Employers can make judgments about providing excellent experiences for all types of employees based on what IT workers want. Smart tactics consist of the following.

Establish a Culture that Encourages

Establish a culture where employees have a feeling of direction and purpose and can relate their job to the things that are important to them and the business. Make sure the culture fosters a sense of belonging, positive connections with coworkers, high levels of respect, and the ability to share ideas, handle disagreements, innovate, and perform at a high level. People will want to participate in these cultures both in-person at work and virtually, and they will want to contribute.


Make Sure Processes Are Clear 

Well-designed processes give people authority and enable them to perceive a connection between their own work and that of others. Teams are advised to be clear about which phases of their work cycles benefit from in-person time, especially in a context of hybrid work. Additionally, having standards for entering the workplace can help employees connect more effectively because they won't need to decide when to enter each day; instead, they'll know which days face-to-face work will be common and team members will be present for connections.


Giving Leaders Access

People desire access to and presence from their leaders, therefore ideas for encouraging leaders to be present for others both physically and online are excellent. Smart businesses also give leaders opportunities for growth and feedback, so they may monitor how their management abilities are changing in light of hybrid work.


Work Balance Opportunities for Growth

People desire to know that their efforts are valued and acknowledged. Align people's existing interests and skills to their job obligations to the greatest extent possible. Also, learn where people desire to improve, and give them opportunities to do so.


Create Excellent Workplaces

The need to design workspaces that are worth the drive is perhaps the most clear. Workplaces should adjust to reflect how work has fundamentally changed. Create work environments where employees can connect, communicate, socialize, and feel like a part of a community. But also make sure that offices provide spaces where employees may retreat and concentrate intently, as well as locations where they can learn both formally and informally. Make spaces with great amenities, natural light, and other nourishing factors. These will all contribute to making the office a desirable place to work.


In Sum

The majority of Tech workers prefer to spend some time at the office occasionally rather than working entirely from home. The finest aspect of hybrid work is that it can give the best of both worlds: wonderful workplaces where people want to work, so they can interact, contribute, and be a part of a community, as well as the option for flexibility and quality of life. This is a great opportunity to rethink and reimagine work for all types of workers because of all the changes in the workplace.


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