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6 Critical Nuggets Of Advice For Career Pivots

  • 31st Oct'22

You have been thinking of a career pivot for a long time. What is the best career advice you've ever received during this time? Hopefully, not things like - “ Don’t take this risk/ you will fall badly. 

Even if you have come across such remarks, ignore them. They are no use to you. Discard those words and advice if anything doesn’t align with your present goals.

Today I will only discuss some pointers that you have not paid attention to for the time being, and now when you are making a career pivot, I think it’s time to recall the essential points. Shall we start then?


1. Develop a Knowledge Base

Due to unavoidable circumstances, you may have to take a gap of one year or maybe a few years. I know when you go for interviews, even if you have updated yourself with the latest skills, you will get questions like - “why is there a gap in your CV/resume? Identify the weaknesses in you. Decide how to improve after you've identified your weaknesses. Perhaps all it takes is learning some new program, specific to your job. Attending conferences, reading industry magazines, or attending classes could all be part of it.

You can also have a one-on-one conversation with your community of industry experts. They will provide you with the best advice for career growth.


 2. Be clear about your objectives

A few weeks ago, I was in a panel discussion where all the panelists talked about the importance of setting objectives in your career. As an individual, you all have different goals and value different things at different times. It was not accessible before, but now you can match your career objectives with your life’s priorities.

Use the tools available to you, including friends, coworkers, alumni services, and professional services, to help you decide what you want and when.

If you map out these things, I assure you that you can manage your expectations, you can rework on your goals, your vision will be clear. Havin a student mindset helps at these times. Understand that you are not alone, you are just unaware of how life and career can be integrated. 


 3. Harness your strengths

Yesterday I was in a conversation with my old colleague, he said - “ I identify the weaknesses and work on them, but often I get confused how to utilize my strengths”. Has the same happened with you? Don’t worry you are not alone in this. We all have cultivated this habit of being aware of our weaknesses, and setbacks, because something is scarce, we understand how to fulfill it. But if we are distracted by an abundance of skills and resources, we say the same thing my colleague said on the call.

Listen, the best thing to do today is analyze your current skills and consider how they might be transferable. For example, someone in the PR industry understands negotiation, and is pro at communication and resources management, so that person is fit for sales, coaching, and operations manager roles. Do you see how the skills got transferred? 

Don’t restrict yourself to the traditional job style; times have changed. If you think your skills are not transferable, talk about it with your mentors, ask for guidance, and keep discussing through your blogs, posts, and videos. You never know. Someone may be looking for you.


4. Rely on your anchors

Changes in one's career can be exhilarating. There are times when your confidence is high and you believe offers will come in, but there are probably many more occasions when the scourge of scarcity comes in and you go through an indentity crisis. You can resolve this identity crisis with the help of your anchors.

What are these anchors? They are your family, mentors, and community of people with similar interests and your vision. I will state this clearly - “Even if you are at your highest point of life, challenges will be incoming .”This is the strange thing about life, the more you grow, the more diverse the challenges become, so never leave your anchors, stay close to them. Create that space where you can detach yourself from your work and rely on your anchors at times of crisis.

They will not just give you the best advice for career growth but also add value to your life.


5. Be vocal about your skills

I have seen many of my subordinates use storytelling to talk about their skills. This is a highly mandatory skill, especially when considering a career pivot.

Remember that presenting a story is the most effective way to communicate with someone when deciding how to sell your expertise. For hundreds of years, storytelling has been utilized as a means of communication and has consistently proven to be successful.

Utilize your network offline. Your closest friends and coworkers can support you if you can make them understand what you're attempting to accomplish and how your talents apply to a new career.

6. Find your sweet spot of belonging

We all recognize the yearning for belonging as a basic human need. It entails being able to be who you indeed are at work rather than putting on the face you think the company wants you to see.

Find a place of employment where everything that makes you "you" is valued as an advantage instead of a liability so that you can give more of what makes you unique. Accepting anything less would only lead to sadness and will prevent you from producing your finest work.


What is the best career advice you've ever received?

I never liked stories on cliffhangers, so let’s not do the same with the blog. Tell me what is the best piece of career advice you have received recently? Is it - brush your skills? Or take that certification or talk to a mentor? 

There are more advice that you can implement. That’s not what you are seeking.If you are still getting stuck with that same advice, you need to think over your questions, objectives, and vision. If you are not getting a proper answer after these observations, you have to rework those goals. Please don’t get overwhelmed, because it is easy to fall into that trap, instead write it down, speak up, and let your community know about your challenges. Ask for the specific advice, and you will get it.


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