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6 Components of Work Life Balance

  • 22nd Dec'22

Work-life balance is the ability to set an equilibrium between professional and personal life. It is essential for higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and better physical and mental health. To be able to create a healthy balance between career, family, and leisure activities take effort. Are you someone who can seamlessly balance all aspects of life or do you feel stressed out after giving more priority to one facet than the other? If yes then read on to find the elements of work-life balance.

With Fall on the horizon, businesses need to figure out how to make sure the workplace supports their workers and the people they love. Through practicing these six components, businesses can keep this in mind, making a happy balance more achievable. 


Elements of work-life balance



Managing the activities of our lives can be challenging, but we must acknowledge that there are finite resources available. So, what is important factor of work-life balance? It means taking responsibility for self-managing the spaces in our life, not expecting someone else to do these things. Ultimately, it's about becoming captains of our ship and doing what needs to be done on our own. It takes self-control to manage oneself. Set your priorities right and have strong willpower.


Time Management


Time management can be tricky. What's important? What do you need to accomplish? Effective time management is made a lot easier when you set specific goals and know what to do that day. That said, it helps to also understand your strengths and use them to your advantage. Set goals based on strict timelines, they create a sense of urgency and motivate you to work within a set timeframe.


Stress Management


Complexity in society can drive a lot of stress. Thankfully, there are things we can do to lessen that stress and help us deal with complex situations more effectively. The best way to combat the effects of stress is to switch between tasks, as this inevitably increases our anxiety. Focusing on one task at a time is your best bet for keeping your stress levels low. Dedicate some time to stress-busting activity like meditation, dancing, singing, painting, or anything else that you enjoy. Spending time with your family, friends and loved ones is another way to avoid stress.


Handling Changes


Change is the only constant in our fast-paced society. To advance professionally, one must constantly change their methods, adapt to new ones and make concerted efforts to ensure that the volume of change does not overwhelm or defeat you at home and work. Change is a part of life, it's the only thing constant. Although it's not easy to move on and adapt to changes quickly, a rational approach and the ability to accept reality can enable you to maneuver through changes.


Coping with Technology


To advance professionally, it's important that one continuously change their methods to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced society. By constantly adapting new tools and methods, one is less likely to feel overwhelmed or defeated. Mute unwanted notifications, do not check your phone as soon as you get up, and do not become a slave to technology. Let it serve you, use it at your convenience, and be mindful of how many hours you spend scrolling through.


Leisure Time Management


Time off is an ingredient that the human experience needs. This can come from rest and relaxation, or possibly a weekly night out on the town. Just make sure you're mixing it up so that your time off doesn't become monotonous. That's when you'll start to feel drained and somatic. Take out one hour a day for your mental and physical health. Plan out holidays and catch up on your hobbies.




In today's world, achieving a balanced lifestyle can be difficult. However, companies that find this important to their employees tend to see increases in productivity and employee happiness. Because of this, more and more integration of life balance at work is necessary.

Take an effort to set your priorities right and identify work life balance problems. It’s your life and you need to master all elements of work-life balance.


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