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Career Path vs. Career Pivot: What’s Your Next Step?

  • 31st Oct'22

How do you define your career path?

Tell me, have you ever created a step-by-step strategy where you prepare yourself for your first or dream job? What credentials must you have to apply for that position? What kinds of businesses require that position?

You all know there is a certain requirement that you all need to meet to bag your dream job. Why wait till the last minute? You can be prepared and get that work started. One of the best ways to do this is to map and follow a career path.

A career path is a predetermined series of jobs that prepare you for career growth in your field. I often get this question: Which career path or career pivot is better for the future? We will get back to this later in this blog, first, let’s understand the two types of career paths.


Organizational career path

In this path, the professionals try to establish themselves in their company's hierarchy. In other words, it is a career path that you create with your direct manager. I have seen many organizations has this framework prepared for their employees. The process looks like this: You design your professional path with your manager. Together, you will set objectives for your professional life.

The goals you will prepare will help you further mentor colleagues and take an online course. 


Personal career path

How to explain your career transition? I know most of you struggle with this question while introspecting. Let’s not complicate it. Make a list of your strengths, interests, and hobbies if you're ready to start planning your career path. Then list the issues that are most important to you. Also, do not forget to highlight the important work you have accomplished so far.

When you have a personal career path, you have total control over your job development. A more time-consuming but potentially very rewarding professional path is personal.


What is a career pivot?

Just like people change jobs in a certain period. Career changes from one course to an entirely new one have become commonplace. Understanding how talents in one job might be helpful in another field can be vital in building a successful bridge from one career to the next.

But still, if you are a fresher or stuck with the question -  how to explain your career transition? Then you need to gear up and prepare for interviews specific to your job position and have a conversation with professionals from the same field to curb the challenges you may face. It is good to follow the steps to career pivot, this will save your time and you can take better decisons in a less time.


Importance of planning your career path

Planning your day increases your efficiency to work. What do you think will happen if you plan your career path? Let’s see - 

  • You will recognize and learn the important skills to make you a valuable asset to your employers.
  • You will know what skills and projects to work on in the future.
  • You can easily see through tough circumstances and make decisions while looking at the bigger picture.
  • You have researched in depth so now you know your worth. You are less likely to be underpaid.


Career path or career pivot which one is better for the future?

You plan your career so that you get your desired job, earn more, be updated with the latest skills, and utilize the skills in a better way. You make a career pivot because you no longer align with your previous project or work. 

Now you tell me which is better? You don’t need to answer this right now; your answer depends on your work challenges and your situation. So, first, introspect and assess your situation, then decide which is better.


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