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Career Advancement While Working From Home

  • 27th Oct'21

No doubt, remote working took time to make sense, but employees have nearly adapted to it. Some of the millennials have already claimed convenience and job satisfaction from the comforts of their homes. While this could be a good thing, we still cannot hide the pragmatic problems in remote working. Not everyone can afford a quiet corner at their homes to deal with daily targets, meetings, filling timesheets, and other responsibilities. The challenge is real, and we all pause at the question of how to ensure career advancement working remotely. 

Remote working came with its perks where employees discovered they could get work done quickly without commuting to work. Through the gift of technology, digitization became a super reliable medium to sort work, enhance productivity and communicate efficiently. But juggling with a divided focus in family-with-work posed a greater challenge. It invaded our minds to reassess the strategies and goals to display our best forms at work, make a difference, and ensure career growth. Following are some tips to advance in your career while working from home.


Tips For Career Advancement While Working Remotely

Stick To A Schedule

Our offices gave us the work environment, which enhanced our commitment levels and increased our concentration in our jobs. It might be a little tricky to get into the same frame of mind working remotely, and that’s why a schedule is essential. Structure your morning routine like you did before the pandemic, like getting up, reading news, checking mails, a shower, breakfast, and going into work mode. Be mindful of your responsibilities and do not ignore them just because you are in a relaxed environment. Find your workplace at home and secure it with no distractions. Also, track your work at the end of the day to assess your contribution.



Since you are not seeing your team and boss often, you must put in more effort to get back to them. When you try to create plans to connect better virtually, you will not feel disconnected from them. There will be a sincere motivation for your job, and you will see your goals more clearly. Ensure you are early to the virtual meetings, prepare and participate like a pro. Meetings are great ways to ensure that you have support and your team is committed to one purpose. Remember to spur this feeling of unanimity by switching on your video in meetings. It provides us an opportunity to almost interact with people face to face. The professional attires, standards, and appropriate behavior elevate the workspace which helps career advancement opportunities even while working remotely.


Plan What Exactly You Have To Do

You must have a set of goals and objectives when you start your career in the present organization. Refresh them and prepare a to-do list for the day. As you go about accomplishing each task, strike them out. The list will provide you with a purpose and enhance your time management skill. However, do not make the process monotonous by continually working on the projects. Take breaks, catch up with your family over a cup of coffee, or dial-up your colleague for some small talk. There is a strong relationship between happiness and career success. However, do not go overboard and come back to your desk after a refreshment.

Similarly, as you complete your work targets, do not overstress to the limit of burnout. Stop at your work hour, get appropriate rest and resume the next day. As you follow discipline around your work schedule and send a tracker to your boss at the end of the day, yourself will witness enhanced productivity level in yourself. 


Think Long

Remote work does not stress you unnecessarily because you do not see your work competitors at home. So, you get the time to pause and reflect on your plans, how far you have come in your career, long-term goals, and future. Use the extra time meticulously to devise strategies on how to ensure a better career. Remote working also offers you the opportunity to network beyond your office employees. So, maybe dig into that professional networking site and get an experienced professional to mentor you or look at that alternative job category. The time is perfect to look beyond the work boundary and advance your career strategically. 



We all need to update ourselves with current trends and information. Master the stream of your work so that you can face work challenges head-on. Slowing down our pace during the lockdown showed us so much that we could do in less time. Enroll in that course in Coursera and get the certification. Track the essentials for a job promotion and keep adding to your skill sets to get ahead of your competitors or crack into that dream job. Be ready to take on projects and showcase your talent without compromising on quality. 


Don’t Miss Out In The Crowd

Consider remote working as one of the opportunities to track your career growth. Speak about your accomplishments. It’s crucial to keep bettering yourself than before and be happy in your career. So, learn to take the first step, don’t stay hidden in the crowd because it’s a now or a never seen. As you do that, seek regular feedback from your boss and analyze your progress over time. Keep an open mind about things but always connect to your boss and your team so that they ultimately value your presence. 


A New Beginning

Remote working may be a breakthrough to continue meeting our deadlines but consider it as the beginning of something new. As you see things in a different light and strive to go ahead, trusting your conviction and talent, career advancement working remotely will be the smoothest. Pull yourself up if you feel demotivated, believe in the greater good, and stretch the horizon of your career search. With a good model in place, a proper implementation plan, and a tracker, you can bring immense growth to your career. All you would need is some patience, a pinch of trust, and lots of innovation and smart work. 


Shellye is committed to helping people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their aspirations in careers and life. The content published above was made in collaboration with our members.

Shellye Archambeau is determined to help you with all possible strategies to climb the ladder of success. She values your feedback. Do mention them in the comment section below.

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