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Can Chatbots negotiate better than Human Employees?

  • 11th Jun'21

Can Chatbots Negotiate? 

What has the pandemic changed in our social behavior? 

Now, all of us socialize digitally. To do so, chatbots have played a vital role. Since the evolution of chatbots in 1972, things have changed drastically. They are now a part of messaging apps, the company’s internal platforms, educational platforms, and even toys. But one thing that strikes our mind is, is virtual negotiation harder? 

As per a report by Chatbots Journal, most businesses didn’t hear about chatbots until 2015. The same report also reveals that 54% of developers worked on these for the first time in 2016.

Also, according to the Chatbot Survey in 2017, 90% of developers believe that businesses lack knowledge about chatbots, while 75% of companies believe that chatbots haven’t yet proved themselves ultimately.

Facebook has undoubtedly been a pivot in using chatbots through messenger. The survey also states that Facebook messenger leads the list as the most preferred platform by 92%, followed by Slack and Twitter. The same report also shares that the top three industries taking the most benefits through bots include  E-commerce, Insurance, and Health care.


Can we use chatbots in negotiations? 

Well, this question is being asked ever since the inception of chatbots. You can use them in making small conversations. But, you indeed find it tough to have a meaningful conversation with a chatbot. Though, people have claimed that chatbots can be used tor negotiation, there are certain challenges of e-negotiation. 

However, researchers at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research FAIR claim that chatbots can negotiate like humans when given proper linguistic training.


FAIR's Research Said

  • Chatbots cannot handle multi-task bargains. 
  • Dialogue Rollouts: An idea formulated by FAIR said chatbots could communicate like humans. 

FAIR conducted a negotiation data set. It involved people in various negotiations. People were not informed that they were negotiating with AI. Surprisingly, most people could not figure out that they were negotiating with chatbots. 

The research surely throws light on how you can use chatbots to make negotiation easier and faster. There are predictions that technology will be empowered more with human emotions to reason, talk, negotiate and converse as humans do. 

However, some still believe that chatbots cannot replace humans in terms of negotiations. 


To know more on this topic, refer to the link given below: 



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