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Burnout And Impostor Syndrome – The Two Biggest Threats Facing Remote Workers

  • 15th Jun'21

Successfully working from home is a skill, just like programming, designing, or writing. It takes time and commitment to developing that skill – Alex Turnbull.

As the pandemic began, organizations made all the arrangements of home space for their employees, i.e., work from home. It became a norm with the onset of 2020, and employees were asked to attend meetings, complete deadlines, lead their respective teams all from the comfort of their homes. 

Loved by many for the flexibility and greater options of managing family responsibilities or getting that me time and working efficiently, Work from home brought to light two major side effects.


Impostor Syndrome

According to a survey by ANZ, about 77% of employees suffered burnout, and 85% had feelings of negativity and self-doubt. 

But why? What can get worse when you are allowed to meet your ambitions from your respective nests?


Let’s Explore the Reasons


Easy Accessibility

As you can log in to your laptop at any part of the day, you don’t deny putting out messages at any time of the day, be it emails or a simple work call.


Extra Hours/Late work

The flexibility ensures that you can attend to your targets anytime before the deadline ensures you put in extra work hours since you need to run your errands at home.


No Proper Communication

When you barely see your colleagues or team leader, you rarely speak about or open up about the issues you face working from home. It's also surveyed that Impostor Syndrome hits women and women of color hard.


Work Overload

With no definition of work culture, work overload can burden many, and they may not be happy with the work quality they generate.

The reasons above contribute to bigger problems.


How can we Enjoy the Norms and Benefit from them?


Give Importance to Health

Set your work deadlines and maintain discipline. More than any work, your health, and mental peace are critical. So get enough rest, sleep well and ensure excellent quality at what you do.


Speak Up

Reach out to people for help. Tell them what’s bothering you and find a solution before it gets too late. Learn how to tackle impostor syndrome while working remotely.



If you are a team lead, motivate your members with recognitions and games. 


Reach to Recruits

Encourage them to ask questions, celebrate their tiny ideas or efforts, and be in touch with them.


Transparency and Feedback

Be honest with your feedback but give the employees the benefit of the doubt.

As you practice empathy by finding the echoes of your employees within yourself, you can build a better future with them.


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