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Build your Personal Brand to make your company stand out

  • 29th Apr'22

When it comes to creating a company, many CEOs underestimate their personal brand. In fact, many CEOs are unsure why they should devote time to developing their personal brand. They don't understand that everyone has a personal brand, regardless of whether they work for a firm, a company, a corporation, a small business, or a small office. Your personal brand is still shaped by particular abilities, values, and relationships that you have.

Everyone recognizes the importance of first impressions. Contrary to popular opinion, you have two chances: when you are first noticed and when you first open your mouth. Because you are the face of your company, people buy from people, and Elon Musk has more followers than Tesla, you should take notice and start building your personal brand to help the company grow.

Because you constantly want to be portrayed in the spotlight:

  • To be welcomed socially by like-minded people

  • To have a greater chance of forming relationships

  • To be eligible for the money in order to secure that project

  • To obtain a promotion

  • To complete the transaction

Using the internet and social media on a daily basis can help you better present:

  • Your sense of humor 

  • Your vitality

  • Your convictions

  • Your principles

  • Your visual representation


"You're the product online," explains Victoria Kennedy, CEO of Victorious PR. Your presence is an extension of your persona, and your persona is an extension of your business. With your followers, customers, and network, you establish a bond, trust, and relationship. And everyone in your immediate vicinity is a customer. Personal branding is essential when it comes to marketing yourself on a daily basis.

Consider the field in which you wish to establish power. Understand the industry's conversations and concerns, as well as the most recent trends. This will allow you to share your expertise with the right people and be recognized as an important component of the industry. Another key part is networking. Take advantage of every opportunity to build meaningful relationships and demonstrate how you can benefit potential clients.


Brand purpose and Core values

What is your ultimate goal? What motivates you to get up to go to work every day? What are you attempting to accomplish in the end? This could be professional success or providing assistance or support to others through your product or service.
Today's brands are becoming increasingly value-driven, and your personal brand must fall in line. What are you trying to achieve? In your personal and professional life, what do you value the most? What do you think of when you hear the words "creativity" and "invention? Discipline and dependability are two words that come to mind while thinking about discipline and dependability. Make a list of all the values that you hold.


Brand benefits and reasons to believe

The practical and emotional advantages that a brand provides to its clients must be clearly stated. What hard and soft skills do you bring to the table when it comes to your personal brand? What distinguishes you from others? Writing, coaching and mentoring, public speaking, workshop facilitation, business strategy, branding, and marketing are examples of hard skills. Self-motivation, strength, independence, creative thinking, and open-mindedness are examples of soft skills.

After that, think about the evidence you have to back up your statements. What honors and awards have you received? What credentials or client testimonials do you have? Make a list of all of your qualifications, honors, testimonials, major media appearances, and noteworthy instances of your work (i.e. a YouTube channel with your best speaking engagements or a professional blog that features your top writing examples).


Preserving your legacy

When most people hear the word "legacy," they immediately think of money and wills. And rightfully so; leaving a legacy, whether through donations, charity, or inheritance, is one of the best ways to do so.
However, it could also signify something very different. Life is a gift that has been given to us, and our jobs allow us to enhance the meaning of that gift. However, both life and work are transient, and pandemics served as a hard lesson to those who had forgotten this.

A personal brand, on the other hand, may help you maintain your views, thoughts, and deeds by using the internet's communal memory pool - whether through social media or blogs and magnify your message:

What you believe in

  • What you've fought for

  • What you've accomplished

This may not appear to be much, but as your brand authority grows, so will your opportunity to create an impression simply by being yourself in front of the camera. Your personal brand is what remains after you believe in and stand for an idea while also utilizing digital technology to your advantage. 

Building your own personal brand has never been more vital, and now is the greatest moment to start leveraging your skills, knowledge, and the internet to work for you and your organization's best future.


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