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Boost Your Career By Managing Your Boss

  • 24th Jun'21

What keeps you motivated at work? 

Timely promotions and appraisals! 

Who gives them? 

Your boss? 

Right. While climbing the stones of promotions and appraisals, your boss plays a crucial role. Just hard work does not suffice here. Your relationship with your boss also matters. You have to know the keys to an excellent relationship with your boss

So to have a good career graph, you also have to maintain a positive and balanced relationship with your boss. 

How to do that effectively? 


Manage your Boss effectively


  • Support your own boss

Your boss is the key to your representation at various levels within the organization. Your disagreement and discontent with him is a loss of all the possible opportunities for you, within and outside the organization. Make sure you support your boss. Help him/her in achieving targets. Do not disagree with them in public. If you have concerns, raise them at the proper time, at the right moment. When you know when and how to raise concerns, you also know how to tell your bosses they're wrong

  • Communicate well

Your small but valid talks make a big impression. Other than your work related conversations, small informal conversations make a lot of difference. This does not mean you get completely personal. However, a small inquiry about his/her health and life is fine. 


  • Prepare Good

According to an article published in Harvard Business Review, a checklist is extremely important. You have to understand your boss’s context and situation. Minutely understand his goals, objectives, pressures and work pattern. Working on your boss’s pattern will help you evolve a good relationship with him/her. 


  • Clarify Expectations

Some bosses spell out their expectations. But when your boss does not tell you his/her expectations, you have to figure it out yourself. 


  • Share every information you get

Each piece of information is of great value. Assuming your boss might know this, not sharing it with them might put you in trouble. Share every possible information with your boss. Small progress, or a hitch, anything needs to be shared. 


  • Your KPI’s should be worth it

Add quality to your KPI and not quantity. KPI are your Key Performance Indicators. Taking them lightly and keeping them just for the sake of it, just because they are measurable is not a good idea. Dig in deep for any task and collect as much valuable information as you can. 

At the end of the day it is for you to decide whether you want a good boss or a great one


For more information on this topic, you can refer to the link below: 

‘Managing upwards’ is the systematic process of working with your boss to obtain the best possible results for you, your boss and your organization. When you manage upwards, you show leadership on your own part. Read More


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