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20 Best Jobs for Great Work-Life integration

  • 10th Jan'23

Simply put, work-life integration is the ability to integrate personal and professional lives without stress and compromise. It enables you to devote time and energy to every aspect of life and live a fulfilled life. Work-life integration can mean different things to people. For you, it can mean the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time. For others, it can mean job satisfaction and the ability to integrate their passion with work.

A healthy work-life integration ensures better personal relationships and robust mental and physical health. It raises the overall quality of life. Organizations that offer flexibility and support work-life integration, especially for working mothers and employees who take care of dependants, experience less absenteeism, higher productivity, and more loyalty from their workers.

Well, there isn’t that one perfect job that can give you flexible work hours, a good salary, and allows more personal time. But many jobs from various industries can help you lead a balanced life. 

If you are looking for a job that gives you the time and flexibility to enjoy family time, and leisure activities along with job satisfaction, then identify your values, skills, resources, and priorities. Set up a schedule to devote substantial time to career, family, health, hobbies, and passion.

We have listed the 20 best jobs for great work-life integration to help you find the one that suits your lifestyle and preferences and perfectly aligns with your personal life.

20 best jobs for great work-life integration in tech, finance, services, and communications.


  1. Data analyst

Data analysts help organizations make informed decisions by collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data related to their business goals. The job involves working primarily on a computer. It gives the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere. If data, statistics, and numbers appeal to you, then this job will give you immense job satisfaction and the flexibility to work from anywhere with lots of freelance opportunities.

(Average Salary- $63000)


2.Marketing managers

Marketing managers work on marketing a product or service from ideation and implementation to execution. They create strategies and plans. If you enjoy interacting with new people and have good interpersonal skills, you can work in marketing. It’s an engaging job in communications that involves creativity and networking.

(Average Salary- $114000)

3. Web designer

A web designer is responsible for designing frameworks and structures for websites. They need to work on the computer using the internet, which involves little coordination with other team members. This career gives the flexibility to work from anywhere on independent schedules along with multiple freelance projects.

(Average Salary- $58000)

4.Social media marketeer

Digital marketing has become vital for any business to attract potential clients and connect with existing ones. Social media marketers have to post about the latest updates, product launches, and other relevant information that will promote the client's product. This job offers numerous opportunities to work from home and manage social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. 

(Average Salary-$111,800)


5. Front-end developer

Just like other tech jobs, front-end developers also have the flexibility to work from anywhere and can work on multiple freelance projects. They design and maintain the functionality of websites and take care of aesthetics and usability. This job also allows working on freelance projects from any location.

(Average Salary-$86000)

6.Game/app developer.

If you are a gaming nerd or a tech geek who likes to create apps and design video games, then becoming an app/game developer is your calling. It also gives you the option to work remotely and independently. If your app/game gets good reviews and positive feedback from users, you might make a great deal of money too.

(Average Salary-$111060)

7. HR manager

Human resources management requires helping and handling employees. If you are a people person who can sort out interpersonal issues, and enjoy working with others, then this job is for you. HR managers have fixed working hours and tend to have low-stress jobs.

(Average salary-$122600)


8.Corporate recruiter 

Recruiters are responsible for hiring the best candidates as per the job requirement. They can interview candidates online as well as offline. The nature of their job enables them to have a flexible schedule. They can also work on a contractual basis, with multiple companies and earn a percentage of remuneration based on the job role and work independently.

(Average Salary- $64000)


9.Content manager/writers

Content writers, write and publish content such as blogs, articles, etc. Content managers review and proofread the content. They also evaluate the authenticity of facts and data. Both these positions offer manageable work hours and lots of freelance opportunities. 

(Average Salary-$48000-$63000)


10. Clerks

Whether it's a doctor's office, a government agency, or a financial firm, every office requires a clerk to perform administrative tasks like updating and maintaining invoices, and recording and tracking transactions. It's a fixed 40-hour work job that doesn’t require any overtime.

(Average Salary varies as per the department.)


11.Real estate agent

Working as a  real estate agent is a client-facing role that requires a license to sell and buy real estate. This job involves staying out of the office and showing properties to potential buyers but offers the benefit of setting your schedules.

(Average Salary-$62400)


12.Project analysts

A project analyst supports the project manager in analyzing data, reviewing stats, and other project requirements. They also help to review and monitor progress. They can work from home and have flexible schedules.

(Average Salary-$80584)

13.Substitute teacher

A substitute teacher has to work part-time. When full-time teachers are absent due to any reason, substitute teachers must be available to take classes. The only requirement for them is to be available when permanent teachers are not there.

(Average Salary-$127 per day)



Just like doctors, dentists are highly paid, but they have fixed working hours, lower stress levels, and fewer emergency cases comparatively. Their schedule allows them to spend more time on leisure activities and personal commitments.

(Average Salary-$158490)

15.Fitness coach

Fitness coaches might have to work as per client schedules and they get the benefit of working for a few hours and give the additional benefit of staying fit while working.

(Average Salary-$58000)

16. Research technician

Research technicians assemble, set up, and test laboratory equipment. It's a skill-based job that requires research and records analysis for future experiments. Research technicians can work on a part-time basis or for a few hours per day. It gives them enough time to spend on other activities.

(Average Salary-$37000)



Nurses assist doctors and administer treatments. They perform routine checkups and pre-diagnostic tests. Their shifts are longer than usual, but it's a systematic job with fixed schedules.

(Average Salary-$110750)


18.Office support.

Office support staff includes secretarial and administrative duties. It's a low-stress job that offers manageable work hours with predefined work instructions.

(Average Salary-$37000)



Therapists have high job satisfaction levels, excellent remuneration, and the flexibility to set up independent practices to work on their schedules. Whether you work as a physical therapist or as a psychological therapist, this job will support great work-life integration.

(Average Salary- $70000-$110000)


20.Investment advisor

Investment advisors design investment portfolios and suggest investment strategies. They can work with big financial institutions or offer consulting services to high-profile clients. This job can be high paying depending on your clients, knowledge, and experience.

(Average Salary-$90000)


Irrespective of the job role, it's an organizational and individual responsibility to foster work-life integration. If you don’t set clear boundaries and define your priorities, even a flexible job will become unmanageable for you.

Choose a career that satisfies your creative and intellectual level, always find time for special personal occasions, learn to say no, and set clear boundaries. After all work life integration is the key to productivity.

We have suggested the 20 best jobs for great work-life integration to guide you in choosing a flexible job though only you can define which job will best suit your passion and lifestyl


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