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Benefits of Employees Learning Negotiation Skills

  • 14th Jun'21

How can you decrease the odds in your organization? 

What can smoothen the functioning of your organization? 

Well, just people with good negotiation skills. 

Don’t have employees with good negotiating skills! What do you do now? 

Simple, just train them. 

To maintain a stable, healthy atmosphere in your office, you need people with good communication and negotiation skills. You know that there are frictions in your office due to a lack of negotiation skills. 

Don't replace the lot. Train them in negotiation skills. 

According to a study in the UK as written in EC sourcing Group, ‘It was estimated that UK businesses lose around £9 million per hour due to poor negotiating skills. 

That study also concluded that UK businesses could increase their overall profitability by as much as 7% annually if they had better negotiation skills.’ 

Recommendation: A healthy work environment invariably leads to better performance and productivity. It also helps you manage your negotiating team. 

According to a report drawn from the experts at the program on negotiation by Harvard Law School say, ‘organizations spend thousands of dollars on training their employees on negotiation skills. These sessions help them improve, and they abandon the best practices they learned from these sessions. 

They let go of their previous habits. This has helped the organizations perform well.”  

Employees with good negotiation skills always prove beneficial for the organization.  They also open doors for cross cultural negotiation.  

How? Read this: 


Benefits of Employees Learning Negotiation Skills 


  • Always on a win-win side

You are always on the win-win side. With the ability to negotiate better, employees can create a win-win situation when you are in crisis. Be it during an interview or a boardroom meeting; they can develop better solutions for any problems. Lack of goodwill within the organization is always harmful. It can cause problems down the line. 


  • Time Saving

Saves your time. You cannot always be available to solve problems within the organization. During any conflict, if your employees are good communicators and negotiators, you can rely on them to tackle minor issues. This is time-saving for both you and your organization. 


  • Respect Eachother 

It helps generate respect for each other in the organization. The concern is essential for an organization to run well. You want your employees to respect you. They wish the same for you. While you help your employees learn the skill of negotiation, you are making them think rationally. They learn the ability to think from your perspective as well and vice versa. This practice helps you and your employees respect each other more. 


  • Stay away from Conflicts 

Good negotiators always keep conflicts away. Conflicts cause stress. Stress is not good for you, your employees, and your organization. One of the significant traits of a good negotiator is knowing how to stay away from conflicts. Conflicts, mainly internal conflicts, are one of the major reasons for the low performance of the organization. 


  • Distribution of Responsibilities 

Making your employees master the skill of negotiation helps you in distributing responsibilities. It reduces your workload. You can assign a negotiation to one of your employees while you concentrate on the other. It reduces your rush to be present everywhere. 


Undoubtedly, good negotiation skills are always a boon, be it your personal or professional life. A good negotiator always proves to be an asset to your organization. You be of any gender or any color, every organization looks for someone who negotiates well. Being one, you enhance your performance as well as the output of your organization. 


Like Minda Harts, founder of Women of Color Equity Initiative and The Memo, said, “Negotiate for your worth and create your scale.”  


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