Are you Ready to Take Risks for the Career You Want?

  • 24th Sep'20

Be Intentional and Take Risks


Risk-taking is one fear factor that keeps many people away from achieving the goals they want in their life. Indeed there are chances of being a failure, but we can not deny the fact there is also a chance of being successful. Fear of failure can not and must not stop somebody from the 50% chances they have of being successful. Shellye Archambeau in her book Unapologetically Ambitious explains that the day you stop taking a risk is the day you limit your opportunity. 


Nobody can explain it better than the person who took all the risks to achieve the goals she wanted in her life. Read the full article by Shellye Archambeau to know her views on risk-taking and the reason behind her success.


Part of Risk taking: Success and Failure


Failure and success are the two sides of a coin and risk-taking is just like flipping that coin. It doesn't matter what you get on your coin, failure will give you new experiences and perspective while success will open doors of possibilities. 

When you take a risk and succeed in it, the reward you get is much higher than you would have gotten by being a safe player, crawling at the same place, and complaining about everything you are not getting. If you don't want to be a part of the crowd, don't hesitate when it comes to risk-taking, the younger you are, the more time you have to fix the mistakes. 

Click on the link below and get a tour of the signs which shows that you need to take a risk in your career:


To learn more about how risk-taking benefit in shaping your career and achieving the goals you have, join the Unapologetically Ambitious movement at shellyearchambeau  Do let us know your views on risk-taking in the comment section.


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