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Barriers Which Prevent Creation of an Aligned Organization

  • 7th Jul'21

Everyone can build a successful organization. Provided they can motivate and inspire people to share the same belief they have for their vision. When you do this, you can have an aligned organization.

Aligned organizations are the only ones that can guarantee success as organization alignment is like the two sections of the railroad track, where if one section goes out of alignment, the train derails. If you hire people for a job, they will work for money. But when you hire people who share your belief, you can even get their blood, sweat, and tears as well.

Even one of the most successful books, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, written on the creation of great companies, says, “Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment.” However, no path is without barriers, and creating an aligned organization has three of them.


Leaves Out Parts of the Organization in the Plan

Often, the bosses or the organization leader tend to ignore some parts of their team in the discussion, thinking they don’t have a role. But they fail to understand that for an engine to run smoothly, every part of it must be aware of its role in it. The organization is that engine as attributed by the lessons in leadership.


Lack of Alignment Between Culture and Strategy

Culture in business refers to a belief that’s essential in motivating people working in an organization. Strategy is about visions and goals. When you have this aligned suitably, you will see that people will be more committed in their roles. However, people may remain clueless about whether something will work or not as it may have their job at stake with the lack of it unless they practice some solid decisions making.


Excessive Focus on One Department

When you do this, the other departments are left out somewhere, and for the effective running of an organization, you will need each department to contribute. So, try to create a balance between all, as explained in this article.


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