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Are You Ready to Be a Manager?

  • 25th Jun'21

So, you feel ready to step up from your current position and get into a managerial role. It's commendable as it shows that you covered a good amount of distance in your career. However, promotion needs to come from a higher authority. For instance, your boss decides who gets to work in what role. It is where the problem lies – talk to your boss. More importantly, convince yourself that you are ready by studying boost your career by managing the boss.

While the gesture certainly will boast well for the employee as it reflects her confidence. However, doing well in your current position and expecting you to do well in another position are two different things. The employee often fails to realize the actual requirements of a managerial post lies beyond the qualifications it states. The fact of the matter, soft skill plays a huge part in it, and many employees fail in this regard. Therefore, if you plan to discuss an upgrade from your current position to a management post, be prepared beforehand as it offers challenges and opportunities.


Prove You are Ready to be a Manager

Learning a soft skill is an important aspect of a managerial position. The best part is you can learn a lot about it in the simplest of manner for free. And to do that, you can take help from these classes available online.



Udemy is a great place where you can learn to achieve using the SMART goal technique. Mentoring is another important soft skill you can learn here. Also, if public speaking had been your Achilles heel, Udemy is the place where you can fix it.



In Coursera, you can learn conflict resolution skills for free. Also, it provides a managerial toolkit with a practical guide to manage people at work.



Skillshare will teach you about more effective productivity and time management. 



With Alison's guidance, you can learn important things about what great leaders do.



edX is an excellent place to learn about effective communication in leadership.


To know more, check 10 Free Classes That'll Prove to Your Boss You're Ready to Be a Manager.


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