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Are Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem the Same Thing?

  • 29th Dec'22

Most people associate self-confidence and self-esteem to be the same. However, there is a general misunderstanding of what constitutes self-esteem. In actuality, they are very different terms. Sometimes we can get caught up trying to become better at a certain task for the sake of self-confidence or trying to climb the career ladder for the sake of self-esteem. However, there is not much connection between them at all.


What do you understand by Self-esteem?

Our self-esteem relates to how we look at ourselves. It's what we think of as how worthy, normal, valuable people in this world should be viewed. Self-esteem refers to the acceptance, degree of value (to us), and sense of self that we have for ourselves in this society--how much we accept and hold dear about who we are. The word esteem means to treat with high regard or respect.


What do you understand by self-confidence?

For example, self-confidence is the feeling of being confident in areas of our lives where we may already feel confident. We may feel very confident when it comes to performing on stage, so we can be confident as well. We might feel confident as supervisors, which would empower us with new skills and abilities. Or, if we have won several baking contests and have won them repeatedly, we know our cake-making skills are really good and that's a sure source of confidence for us.

So, what is difference between confidence and self-confidence?

One of the most difficult aspects related to work - or any other life situation, really - is self-confidence. People might tell you how well you are performing while having a lack of confidence in your skills. They may fail to recognize that it comes from within and not on an external level.

People who appear to be confident and in control often have something hidden. It's like an emotional veneer that covers up what they feel is lacking, such as confidence or looks. Self-Belief is the way you feel about yourself, regardless of how successful you are, what you look like or other things that make you feel confident.


What is the relationship between self-esteem and self-confidence?

Self-confidence and self-esteem are two different things. People confuse the two because they'll put all their effort into doing something, thinking it will make them happy. One area that is often confused with self-confidence is sports, so invest in a Racketball coaching certification if this would help you. Celebrities may be self-confident or high in self-esteem but they're not satisfied and still feel unsatisfied with their lives.

Chronic feelings of low-self esteem and insecurity often cause people to ask for unnecessary and harmful things to make themselves feel more confident. Those seeking these procedures find them to be ineffective, leading them to spend thousands on plastic surgeries that do not make an improvement in their self-confidence.

If you're always chasing solutions and attempting to become better and better at something, or more and more attractive, it can actually make things worse. Instead of trying to be perfect, you should focus on respecting yourself by being content with where you're at.

As a child, how you felt about yourself could have been based on how your parents treated you or how you were accepted by them. Whether or not you had unconditional love and acceptance as a child will influence the way you view yourself. If your parents were critical of your accomplishments or if they didn't show that they accepted you for who you are, then this will change the way in which you accept yourself.

Making self-improvement your focus can be a bad thing, depending on what you're striving to improve. For example, if you're trying to gain more confidence in your career or in the family unit, this may cause a drop in self-esteem. Doing something that provides enjoyment or gratification for you might have a positive impact.



It's important to love and accept yourself before you can change your life. While improving your self-confidence and general wellbeing is a challenge at first, once you believe in what you're doing it can lead to more resilience in the face of adversity and an improved sense of well-being.Here are 8 things you can do to improve your confidence.



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