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Are Recruiters Really Working For You? Busting 5 Recruitment Myths

  • 26th Oct'22

Recruitment is a highly demanding job requiring resilience to sustain this industry. Apart from that, most people are still clueless about what recruiters do; they ask their fellow peers - Do recruiters help you with finding a job. The answer may not completely satisfy them and that’s when people start creating myths about the recruiters.

Being ignorant is a different thing; you can take charge of it and eradicate that thing by asking questions and having discussions. It is a completely different thing when you start believing in myths. 

I want my readers to be vigilant about a variety of things. Let’s bust those myths today which has been holding you back.

Recruiters are incredibly expensive

 Recruiters indeed have a broad spectrum of their work, it is time-consuming. Finding the right person for a particular job is a lot of work. The chances of getting a job through a recruiter may not be certain, but they are not expensive. I can assure you that. 

Let me tell you another fact. Recruiters can’t charge you. Why? Their employers have already paid them. Give no room to this confusion, recruiters are already being paid for their job so logically speaking, there’s no need for you to fulfill it.


Recruiters need to find a job for me

Before I say anything, here’s a question for you job seekers - What is the primary role of a recruiter? To reach out to potential candidates like you. Let me add one more thing. The candidates that the recruiters source is the requirement of their clients. 

Unfortunately, due to the sheer number and the requirements set forth by the clients, recruiters cannot place every candidate they meet.

So if you have not been getting any calls for jobs lately, it has little to do with the recruiter. You need to share your requirements within your network, so they amplify them among their groups. Then there are better chances of getting a job through a recruiter. 


Recruiters can provide career guidance and assistance 

A few days back, I was in a discussion with a fellow recruiter, and she told me - there are two types of recruiters. One is your average recruiter who shares the bare minimum details with the candidates, for example - the duration of hours they will work, and the type of work the organization does. On the other hand a good recruiter shares these details - 

programs for training and development

  • social events and the company's overall culture

  • the right questions to ask a hiring manager

  • Share instances of career progression both inside and outside the company

  • Focus on providing candidates with details on how a certain position compares to others on the market

And much more. 

All these are essential details that recruiters must provide to a potential candidate to avoid miscommunication. They are not career coaches or mentors who will guide you on every step. Their job profile is completely different so if you have been approaching your recruiter for this purpose, I suggest asking your peers for the same.


A recruiter’s fees are compensated from my salary

People occasionally hesitate to work with recruitment agencies because they believe recruiter’s fees will be deducted from their pay. I am happy to bust this myth today. First let’s focus on the three different ways in which recruiters get paid:

First is, recruiters are paid after the client has selected one of their candidates. This also means working on contingency.

Second, they are paid in advance by their clients, known as retainers.

 Third, recruiters get paid in 2 instalments. The first instalment is paid when they have started searching, and the second is paid after they have placed the candidate.

I believe now you will reach out to a recruiter agency with confidence. 


All recruiters aim is to fill positions and earn commission

“Do recruiters help you finding a job”? I heard this question yesterday while I was working in a cafe. They were probably friends, I believe, and they were in a debate to be honest. After hearing their conversation I understood that most of the candidates still have this misconception -Recruiters are just working for commission and don’t have any work ethics”. I don’t know where this allegation is coming from, but for recruiters every day is quite challenging and frustrating. Clients are already creating pressure on them to source the right candidate, and recruiters are pushing themselves in search for the potential candidate; even if they find that, there is 50:50 probability that the hiring manager will like that candidate. If the hiring manager rejects, the process begins again and is recurring. Afcourse, no job is a piece of cake, and neither is the recruiter’s. Yes, they are getting good pay according to their job, No they are not doing this just for commission. 



I think today we busted a lot of myths regarding recruiters. Not every candidate is fit for a certain job, and similar goes with the recruiter. You may not align with the recruiter, so you need to share the details of your career and experiences specifically or if it still doesn’t work, then it’s time to bid farewell. There must be another way, another recruiter for you. Stop believing in these kinds of myths today and work towards achieving your goal with the right approach.


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