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Are Flexible Work Habits of Generation Z Advantageous

  • 30th Jul'22

The iGeneration, or Generation Z, also known as the Post-Millennial generation, is beginning to enter the workforce and bring a fresh perspective. They are more practical, financially aware, and entrepreneurial. The Pew Research Center conducted a poll in 2022, and 45% of respondents stated they quit their jobs because they couldn't pick their own hours. You see, these numbers show that Gen Z values flexibility and that they won't hesitate to leave if their wants aren't met.

Flexibility varies; it is up to the team leader to assess what changes are doable to keep the business profitable while reaping the rewards of a happier workforce.  Now is it sustainable or not, we will talk about that but first let’s focus on how this flexibility can be achieved.

Think About a Hybrid Strategy

Globally, COVID has had a significant impact on mental health. There has been a startling 27 percent decline in self-reported mental wellness in the workplace across all demographics and segments due to economic uncertainties and other issues.

This is the major reason that Gen z aspires for a flexible working environment. Consider this, you are an organization, you have major work to execute, but how will you achieve this if your employee’s working environment is not sustainable for them?


Focus on The Mental Health of Employees

I know that many organizations are now taking care of the ‘mental health factor, and employees are also feeling good. But what if there’s a deadline running on the clock, your employee is on the verge of a breakdown due to a family crisis, but all you need is the pile of tasks along with that priority work? Managers need to follow up with their team so that if some task is draining them, they can just convey it to you. Accomplishing a task within a timeframe is important, but so is the employee’s mental well-being. 


Make a Note to Provide a Mentor

Simply expecting your employees to be content with the fact that they have a job is not enough. Gen Z is a curious individual. Their questions, challenges, and opinions all matter to them. As an organization, you must ensure that they have clear, uncomplicated access to mentorship options in the hybrid work environment.


Invest in Technological Advancements

Make sure that you are investing in the technology required to assist Gen Z in performing their tasks effectively. It is not just the software updates and workspaces. You will be surprised how a significant number of employees may be struggling with internal technical issues while they are working. And that can’t be solved through any software or automation. They need to be guided on this front. The attitude of “Figure out Yourself” will not work, as you will end up wasting the resources, and time of the company itself.


Assigning Impactful Tasks

Gen Z doesn't want to simply clock in and out with the growth of mission-driven organizations that include social consciousness in their work ethics. Instead, they are looking for daily tasks that will significantly impact society while also allowing them to enjoy their employment.


Provide Perks and Facilities

Young employees anticipate having adequate health insurance, a tempting holiday package, and sizable retirement benefits at the very least. But they also have personal and financial stability in mind. They have a great demand for advantages like help with college loans and maternity/paternity leave.


Focus on Priority Not Luxury

One of the interesting things about this generation is that most of them are looking for spacious workspaces, a calm, personal workspace whether in the office or virtual. It’s surprising, as the organization attracts employees based on the luxuries they provide. But it turns out that most singularly focus on their goals, and they know how to draw a line between their personal and workspace.

It’s Not Just About the Paycheck 

Today, I can see that this generation is extremely driven by social issues and wants to change the world, whether it is in their professional or personal connections. In a study by Dell, it was shown that 38% of Gen Z workers aspire to work for an organization that is socially and ecologically conscious, while 45% yearn for a position that offers more meaning and purpose than just a paycheck.


 Include the Motto of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Young workers anticipate proactive DEI policies from their employers. The Washington Post reports that Millennial and Gen Z employees intentionally shun organizations without a diverse workforce, so don’t you think it’s high time that you make sure that along with all the policies, you need to create a team to handle DEI issues? Additionally, having a diverse team can boost productivity, boost income, and promote greater creativity in your business. So do you still think that the above pointers are unrealistic practices or the right demand of Gen Z?

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