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5-Step Guide to Solid Decision-Making

  • 27th May'21

I believe that people who are blinded by the tools in front of them are often jail-locked from the possibilities surrounding them.

…hence if you can make that decision, you can become that person.

And to be honest, there’s no alternative to this. Through mastery in this craft, you can gain an upper hand from time to time when it comes to giving yourself a better chance in your selection. 

Also, as someone would say, “No pain, no gain”, right? Instead, I rather say, “Be smart with your decision-making skills and you can have your world in the palm of your hands. Claire Galvin of the University of Connecticut (UCONN) ably writes about this in The $5 Challenge popularized by Stanford University. Like I said you need to be smart with your decision making skills, but to master them, you need to be a good negotiator. 

Your decision making skills define whether you are a leader...not just a boss. 


How Can You Do It

In the process of solid decision-making, you often have to see through the resources you have at your disposal. Try to understand that there are multiple ways to make use of the resources you have. Out of this, there is always one way that can bring the best result from it. Like the step-by-step method below. 


Identify Which Decisions to Pass Off

While you consider making a decision, understand that, practically, each one has its implications. However, some can be reversed in due time. Hence, it is important to categorize all the decisions based on their short-term or long-term implications as per the time and effort you are going to put into that decision.


Seek Perspective

To seek perspective is an important aspect of solid decision-making as it can help you to understand why one decision can be better than the other one.


Play Devil’s Advocate

To ensure that your decision is the most suitable one, try to reason with your own decisions all the time. As one of the best ways in which a woman can grow better is by challenging her present self.


Consider Alternate Possible Scenarios

Scenario Analysis helps to figure out all the possible consequences that may lead to negative outcomes.


Being Objective

Try to be objective even after the decision has been made as it can help you with the situation correctly.


To be good leader, you need to understand what is leadership and how can you become a good leader?  Unless you mkae the right decisions, your qualities as a leader will not be recognized. 


You can read a lot more about this smart guide to make solid decisions by visiting the link here

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