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A Morning Routine that will save you 20+ hours per week

  • 29th Jun'21

The typical 9–5 weekday isn't designed for maximum productivity. Maybe when the majority of jobs were manual labor, but not in today's knowledge-based world. So workdays are shorter in the most productive countries.It also depends on what you want to achieve in your life. This article is for you if that's your objective.


How your Mornings Should be on a Workday 


Quality Vs. Quantity

Spend 20% of your time working and 80% of your time recovering and improving yourself. You're growing while you're getting high-quality recovery. The quality and impact of your work will improve as you continue to refine your mental model. This is referred to as "Deliberate Practice" by psychologists. It's not about doing more and being busy, but about being purposeful and results-oriented.


Your First Three Hours Will Make or Break You

According to psychologist Ron Friedman, the first three hours of the day are the most important for maximizing productivity. On numerous levels, this makes sense. The prefrontal cortex, in particular, is most active and creative right after sleep, according to research.


Protect Your Mornings

We all operate within the limits of our individual circumstances. But protect your mornings, no matter what! If you don't safeguard your mornings, a slew of other activities will consume your time. You will lose track of what’s important.


Mind-Body Connection

What you do outside of work impacts your productivity as what you do at work. It seems to reason that if your body is in better shape, your mind would be as well. Therefore, you must have a holistic approach to life if you want to perform at your best. 


Don’t Forget to Psychologically Detach and Play

According to research in various areas, recovery from work is a need for keeping active, motivated, and healthy while facing professional pressures, according to research in multiple areas, notably "psychological detachment from work." Physical and psychological health and engaged and effective work require proper detachment/recovery from work.


Listen to Brain Music or Songs on Repeat

When you listen to a song repeatedly, you tend to lose yourself in it, which prevents your mind from wandering and enhances your focus. 


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