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A Balance Between Work And Life: Tips For Employees And Employers

  • 23rd Jun'22

Managing a career, a family, and social life may be difficult for both employees and employers. You may have overheard folks discussing "work-life integration" and wondered how anyone manages to achieve it. Every aspect of life places so many expectations on you. And if you want to give it your all, it may appear that something will suffer as a result.

A major reason why work-life integration is so difficult is that it evolves over a period of time, depending on your specific needs. When you're young and unmarried, you might want to spend more time working on your career and socializing with your friends. For some people, this changes as they marry, have children, and as their children grow older.

It's challenging to achieve the appropriate balance between home and work. Even among families that seek for a more equitable division of work, this is especially true for working moms, who typically take on more than their fair share of home duties and childcare responsibilities.

Finding a pleasant balance between work and life may seem unattainable, but it is critical not only for employees but also for the businesses they work for.


Why is a Healthy Work-Life Integration a Win-Win?

Finding a healthy work-life integration, according to experts, is crucial for a variety of reasons. Working long hours, for example, increases stress levels which can cause a variety of health issues, including:

  • It raises your chances of having a heart attack or a stroke.

  • It has the potential to make you feel more worried and depressed.

  • You can even become less intellectual as a result of it. According to one study, those who work long hours develop tunnel vision, which causes their IQ to decline by an average of 13 points.

And it isn't simply the employees' health that suffers as a result of too much labor. The company may suffer as well. Employees who have a strong work-life integration perform better at work, according to Forbes. Productivity rises, employee attitudes improve, and retention rises. As a result, encouraging work-life integration benefits both the organization and its employees.


Tips on How to achieve Work-Life Integration

This is a helpful resource for companies who want to help their employees on how to achieve work-life balance, as well as people who want to feel more in control of their commitments. Here are the tips for employers and employees to achieve work-life balance.


For Employers

Here are some things you can do to avoid burnout and assist your employees to find some balance in their lives:


Don't put too much pressure on employees

Set a good example for your staff by agreeing to work a 40-hour week. Your activities will set the tone for the culture of your firm. Keep track of your employees' vacation time and remind them to take advantage of it. Allow employees to work from home or on their own schedules.


Short breaks should be encouraged 

The human body was not built to sit at a desk for eight hours straight. In reality, this can lead to many health issues. Therefore, remind your staff to get up from their workstations, get a cup of coffee, talk to a coworker, walk around the office, or do whatever else they can to take a short physical and mental break.


Offer unpaid time off during life events 

Hopefully, your benefits package includes some paid vacation time. However, even when employees have exhausted all of their options, they may still be forced to miss work due to an emergency or unanticipated incident. Make sure team members understand that they can take unpaid time off if they truly need to be gone for an important occasion in their lives. If at all possible, include childcare and fitness advantages in your package. On-site childcare and fitness facilities can help reduce commute times, stress, and the dreaded morning rush.


For Employees

We'd all like to work for a company that encourages you to work fewer hours and spend more time with your family. However, this isn't always the case. If you're having trouble balancing work and family life, try these suggestions:


Make a deal with your boss

"Sorry, I can't take on another assignment." Most of us can't say this without risking our jobs. However, if your boss keeps pitching you projects and meetings and doesn't seem to notice how overworked you are, you should speak up. There is a proper method to accomplish this without coming across as if you're avoiding your responsibilities. Simply state the facts about what you're being asked to do. "All right, I'll take care of the task." You already have me working on X right now. I'll have to step away from X for a bit if I accept this new assignment. "Would you like me to start working on one of these projects first?"


Make plans to take time off

If you are given paid time off, make use of it. Setting a vacation schedule establishes a barrier and informs coworkers that they should not expect to see you during that period.


Have a conversation with your partner

Women and parents of toddlers, in particular, should be aware of this. If you're trying to lift the majority of the "homework," ask your partner for assistance. Mention how many hours you're putting in and inquire about what they may do to help you.


Expectations should be set aside

Nobody can truly "have it all," as the phrase goes. There just isn't enough time in the week to work full-time, exercise, maintain a flawless home, raise ideal children, attend every school function, and keep a social life. Accept that you won't be able to do everything. Maybe you just have to live in a realistic setting. Maybe you won't be able to make it to happy hour. That's OK. Nobody is capable of doing everything.


That’s a Wrap

The challenge of juggling work and home life can be exhausting at times. Workers must do everything they can to prevent overworking themselves and strike a healthy work-life integration. Employers must also encourage their employees to maintain a healthy work-life integration. We hope that these suggestions assist you in achieving a sense of balance in your life.


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