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5 Ways to Set Career Priorities When Everything is Uncertain

  • 21st Mar'22

Recent times have given us a reflection of unpredictability. There are so many things going on year after year that are beyond our control. The pandemic, followed by the Russia-Ukraine war, other natural calamities, and disturbances, has questioned our stance in life. It makes us wonder how to move on and set our career priorities in uncertainty. Although instability is a part of life, we must never let go of our zeal to excel in life.

The new year gives us fresh hope to bring a positive change in life, recognize opportunities, and pursue our passions. Corporations also announce promotions strategize and implement effective policies to streamline the work procedures. The current situation has made many quit their companies without having a job at hand. The thought of the volatile environment derailing their careers might have occurred to many. When doubts creep in, the only thing that could get us going is a goal. The article below will help you get back on track, boost your career, and use the opportunities in uncertain times to your best use.


5 Tips to Set Career Priorities in Uncertainty

1. Magnify on Self Reflection instead of Losing it

Tough times bring a discipline in life that we never pursue when things are alright. How often do you introspect when everything is going well? The chances are bleak. But the best thing about tough times is the intensity of change that fuels you to give your best. 

When the world halted from the pandemic, employees had to work remotely, and productivity played an important role. We resorted to methods that work for us instead of giving in to the pressure of submission. Infact, many employees decided to leave toxic workplaces and shifted to companies that valued them. This act of self-reflection only became possible because of the uncertainty in life. We tend to make things right when we realize there is less time to act. But in that process, our actions lead us to outcomes that impact our future. Hence it is essential not to lose your peace of mind in challenging times and introspect. 


2. Make More Use of the Good Times

Challenges make you look closely at the problems and better clarify how effective your solutions should be. If you have ever been on the brim of testing times, you would never take the good times for granted. Successful entrepreneurs and experienced corporate employees use such times to peacefully strategize so that they have set career priorities in uncertainty.

A vision gets you going, and when you see yourself five years from now, you think better in terms of growth. When you have a long-term goal, clear objective, and regularly assess your progress, you are already securing yourself with some preparedness. Leaders who keep this in mind network with the right people and stay on top of their games. This helps them conquer uncertain times with positivity and consistent efforts.


3. Think of the Journey and not the Destination

Most of us ponder the results even before working diligently on something. Outcomes assess your credibility, but the process ensures you deserve success. If you consistently practice a career behavior and turn it into a habit, you do not have to set career priorities in uncertainty. You are already way ahead of it. Think about it:

  • Assessing your goals at every meeting.
  • Strategizing your work.
  • Contributing to projects efficiently.
  • Talking business to a few clients is a career behavior that you can convert to habit with consistency.

Once you do that, you ensure better control over situations and stay connected to your passion. No force can break you apart from your focus. It helps you overcome a lack of confidence to face challenges head-on and motivates you to keep proving yourself.


4. Learn, Unlearn and Update Yourself

However, ahead of your career, you must never wholly stop learning. In the ever-changing world, knowing what you must know is essential. People who are ready to learn, stay ahead, and quickly adapt to situations. With openness to learning, you depict a strong passion and convince others of your optimism to career growth. 

Your curiosity spurs your passion for learning better ways to do things. You need to reflect on your existing beliefs and question them. This empowers you to stay abreast with change and set career priorities in uncertainty.


5. Be Proactive

Always keep an eye for opportunities and grab them when they come. Indulge in activities that help develop your skills and refine your work methods. Genuinely ask for feedback and take them positively to improvise. When you become proactive and self-aware, you customize your action plan and involve your manager to assist you and ensure that you do not deflect from your goals. You not only set career priorities in uncertainty, but you also save yourself from any career shocks and gain a competitive advantage. 


Paint the Bigger Picture

Nothing is certain in life; nevertheless, you must not stop pursuing your dreams. That itself has the power to motivate you to lead your life with purpose. Even when things fall apart, even when tomorrow seems grim, remember how you started in the first place. Instead of calculating the predictability aspect, you must track your progress in conquering your goals. By focusing on the bigger picture, you can set career priorities in uncertainty and also rediscover joy at work. What’s also important is to accept unpredictability because, 

When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life. – Eckhart Tolle. 


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