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5 Effective Communication Skills You Need To Master

  • 29th Sep'21

The simplicity of a leadership position depends on communication skills, which seem an easy thing to possess. However, it’s not! One of the most significant challenges during a new leader mentoring program is to instill the art of communication within leaders. 

Communication gaps lead to misunderstandings and issues in professional as well as personal relationships. So why does effective mentorship ensure excellent communication?


Need to Master Communication Skills

Our jobs are primarily dependent on our technical skills. But, when we focus on outstanding mentorship, about 80% of their work is via effective communication and driving employees to ensure productivity and satisfaction. Here is why we must master communication skills:


  1. Builds Trust Among Employees

Your team members quickly convey to you their needs and goals through communication. During the COVID-19 crisis, many corporations went ahead with a smooth transition to different work methods like remote working, virtual meeting etiquette, etc., as a result of effective communication.


  1. Depicts Unity and Ensures Productivity

Through effective communication, you can better control the workflow and provide quick solutions to underlying problems. It strengthens your brand name in front of competitors and ensures employee productivity.


Top 5 Ways for Effective Communication

  1. Be a Listener

Your time is essential, and so is the time of your team. So ensure you do not keep any gap in communication by listening when your team speaks.


  1. Informal Approach

When leaders approach individuals with a friendly attitude, they tend to share better. Involve small talks in your one-on-ones and innovate methods of online recognition events for employee inclusivity.


  1. The Non-Verbal Aspect

Non-verbal communication impacts people more than spoken words. Ensure you maintain a relaxed posture, reflect positive body language, and modify your tone as you conduct the meeting.


  1. Empathize

Changes are inevitable, but coping with them and showing kindness and empathy to our people makes all the difference in business. Ensure a smooth transition during the crisis to show people you care.


  1. The Humen-ness Method (Humor+openness)

Involve a little bit of humor to ease the tension in your employees and create a more open culture where they can discuss every aspect of workplace issues without holding back. 


Speak Up

Understand the different methods of communication and know when to use the appropriate one. It all comes with a mentoring experience and analysis. Remember, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker.


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